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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Myra E Tinted Moisturizer: Beige

Seeing Aya's and Elaine's great posts finally made me get off my lazy butt and throw in my opinions about this product. :P

I got this because I was looking for a cheapo makeup base to finish off this powder and this powder with. (It would be a waste to use my favorite almost-empty Hydro Splash, or buy something more expensive - like maybe a new Hydro Splash or the Laura Mercier TM I've got my eye on OH NOES - just for the purposes of finishing off leftovers, after all.) It was either this or ELF's tinted moisturizer, but that was out of stock at the time. Furthermore, Myra E's TM had more positive feedback from people at the forums.

Price: P130.00
Location Bought: Mercury Drug Shangri-La
Approximate Date Bought: December 2010

Packaging: It's slim, it's simple, it doesn't leak. Nothing fancy, but it works, so I like it. (Especially the not leaking part.)
Color and Pigmentation: Ivory seemed like it would be too yellow on me so I got Beige, the pinker one of the two variants available.
The unblended product.
Coverage, aka pigmentation, is sheer and blendable, as expected of tinted moisturizers. I REALLY don't like the shimmers this product has though, but that can easily be fixed with a layer of powder.
The blended product. I think it matches with my skin fine.
Formulation: The product is slightly runny and does not absorb into my skin easily. No matter how sparingly I use it, I have to pat dry with tissue to make sure I've applied it properly. It also smells terrible, like oversaturated floral perfume. I'm not too fond of floral scents to begin with, what more for this? Thankfully the smell does not last on the face. It also does not last very long on me - only about two hours. These flaws aside, this TM can decently even out my skintone and does not give me pimples.

In Action: I've found that the shimmers, hidden beneath a layer of powder, are least noticeable in natural light and most noticeable under incandescent light. (Incoming face spam!)
Natural light. Shimmers, what shimmers?
The powder I used was ELF's 2-way powder.
On my lips is The Face Shop's Rouge Ex Gloss.
Incandescent light. Notice the shimmers showing up
under my eye, near my nose, and near my mouth. 
Fluorescent light. Invisible in photos. Not noticeable
in person unless you're REALLY close.
I wouldn't recommend this for outdoor or exercise makeup, because it simply will not last. Your face will literally melt. I think this product is best for short mostly-indoor activities during the daytime (so many prerequisites!), like doing the groceries,  picking up documents from school or work, a quick shopping spree, or maybe going to church on Sundays.  It's also good for finishing up powder products you've grown tired of, which is exactly what I'm doing.
I've hit pan on both thanks to this TM yay!
It makes the ELF one feel lighter in this summer heat,
and it balances out the Etude one's color, which can get
too white for me if I'm not careful applying.
This does its job sufficiently, but I wouldn't repurchase this if I needed something to finish off my leftovers once again, mostly because of the smell and the shimmers. Maybe next time I'll use ELF's TM, since it's almost the same price.


  1. Nice review! I'll try the ELF one next time too :DDD

  2. you have nice skin... i want to try the elf 2 way because of you...

  3. Great review and thanks for the link back! Haha. I'm not a fan of the shimmers at all and the shades don't suit my skin, but great job on masking the shimmers with your powders! Maybe I can give my Myra tinted moisturizers a chance again and try them again with some nice powders like that ELF one. :D

  4. Aya - Ooh, when you do try the elf tm, I hope you make a review! :D

    Donnarence - Oh wow, that's a really big compliment, considering my last schoolyear turned my face into a warzone. Thank you! <3 Go try the elf powder out when you can, it's pretty good! (Medyo heavy nga lang sa mukha tho, lalo na summer ngayon haha)

    Elaine - you're welcome! and thank YOU to you and aya too, for inspiring lazy me to finally write this post. :D

  5. Since it melts off during long outdoor activities, would you recommend it for the winter?

    I dont think I have seen this brand where I reside.

    Btw, you have gorgeous flawless looking skin babe.

  6. your skin looks flawless! :) i have read so many mixed reviews on this product. but thanks for the additional input! =)

  7. new follower here! i love all you reviews!

  8. A friend of mine in the US used this and said she had dry skin. Seems like this product is great for tropical weather.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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