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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Face Shop Fruit Jelly Tube: RD302

Like the previous post, this Fruit Jelly Tube is another lip product with a story. I was waiting for a date to show up when I got this. He was running very late (never a good sign :| ), so I went into The Face Shop to pass the time. The SA was so nice to me even though I made it apparent that I was just browsing. No hard selling, no tailing - she just let me play with the makeup and answered my questions very well, when I had them. You don't see that very often anymore - most salespeople here are quite irritating! To show my gratitude for her excellent customer skills, and for basically keeping me company while I waited for my horrible date, I decided to buy something that wasn't too pricey. I didn't feel like nail polish, so lip gloss it was!

Price: P198.00
Location Bought: The Face Shop Shangri-la
Approximate Date Bought: late February 2011

Packaging: Typical squeeze tube. Enough said. This breaks quite easily though. I received the orange shade as a gift in high school (long ago!), and after around two months, the slanted part broke off of the rest of the tube - kind of like Nearly Headless Nick. I assume it was because I screwed the cap on and off too hard, so this time around, I'm more careful with RD302.

Color and Pigmentation: RD302 is a glossy, medium pigmented cherry red with a little bit of shimmer.
Formulation: The gloss is slightly sticky, and is not drying. It applies smoothly and evenly on my lips and gives them a beautiful, not too over-the-top shine. As its name implies, it has a pleasant fruity scent.

In Action: Since it's moisturizing, the FJT is great for people who want to hide their dry lips but don't feel like using lip balms. My lips have been drying lately because of the hot-humid weather, and this product is perfect for them. The added boost of reddish color from the gloss is a nice touch too.
See? Except for that one little spot on the lower left corner,
you can hardly tell that my lips were dry before I put this on!
Unsurprisingly, the date didn't go very well. The boy was a jerk and talked way too much about himself. (Why I stupidly agreed to go out in the first place, I'll never understand.) But enough about my love adventures of FAIL - at least I have a great lip product!


  1. I'm your new follower! aah I love this one, my fave tint ever is The face shop lovely me:ex tint in shade #1, have u tried it yet?

  2. Hi Lina! I followed you back too, your blog is so cute! ♥

    I haven't tried the Lovely Me:Ex tint yet, but I'll check it out the next time I visit a Face Shop. :D

  3. i own this before, maganda sha not that drying pero medyo sheer lang when applied noh?! mukhang scary kasi sa tube. =)

  4. Khymm - yeah, scary nga sa tube, lalo na yung green at yellow hahaha!

  5. Oh well... Boys will be boys. At least you ended up with a product you really like because of him! :3

  6. Oh jeez, another case of a guy who thinks he is God's gift to women? Agree wit Sugarpao that you at lease ended up buying a nice product. :)

  7. LOL Nearly Headless Nick!

    At least you got one good thing that day :D

  8. Grrr at the Horrible and very Late Date! Thumbs Up for the TFS Sales lady, I agree with what you said. there's just a handful of really nice mannered SA's these days.

    The shade is so bright inside the tube but it looks really pretty on your lips.

  9. The Faceshop is new here in Davao. Their first store just opened recently in the, well, recently-opened Abreeza Ayala Mall. I've read about it in reviews and magazines and visited their Robinsons Manila branch just last April but I never really made a purchase. Now that they're in Davao, maybe I could try their products. =)

  10. Swexie - Yes, try their products! :D I recommend their lip products, nail polish, and their Hydro Splash BB cream!

  11. I love your product reviews. Also the "Headless Nick" quote. Keep writing! :)


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