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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shu Uemura Glow On blush: P Peach 47

ETA 05/14/11 1:20: Reposted. Blogger didn't post this back when it returned from maintenance. All the comments are gone though. :(

My parents bought this for me when they vacationed in Hong Kong some months ago. I was super happy when they handed me a tiny paper bag with the Shu logo printed on. How'd they know I'd want makeup as pasalubong? Awesome! :D

Price: HKD145, which is roughly PHP800. At local stores, this retails for a very expensive PHP1500. You save PHP700 if you buy this in Hong Kong! (But then you have to pay for your plane ticket and your hotel haha)
Location Bought: a Shu Uemura store somewhere in HK? They didn't keep track XD
Approximate Date Bought: February 2011

Packaging: It's small and it's minimalist. Very chic - the emphasis is on the makeup color, not on the material used for packaging. It does run the risk of looking cheap next to other products with more elaborate packaging, but that's okay. The plastic is extremely sturdy and is able to protect the product well - I've dropped mine a couple times already, and the pan hasn't broken up. Sadly, it isn't scratch proof. Mine has suffered a few scratches on its backside after spending some time in my makeup bag.

Color and Pigmentation: As indicated by the P in its name, P Peach 47 is part of Shu's pearlized blush line. I would say this is a peach that leans more on pink and less on orange. A girly peach, perhaps?
I really like this picture. :P
For a light color, pigmentation is quite strong. This swatch was only one swipe, and it's already almost the same as the product's color in the pan.

Formulation: P Peach 47 is scentless, very smooth, very blendable, and lasts a whole day on me - the Shu formula in action! Aside from the blush powder, which is pearly to begin with, it achieves its glowy finish with the help of tiny glitter particles - something I don't quite like. It would have been better if they omitted the glitter and concentrated on the pearliness of the blush itself, like what in2it did with their own glowy blush.
Left: Shu Uemura P Peach 47; Right: in2it Sheer Shimmer Blush - Peach Pearl

In Action: This blush was very hard to photograph. In person, it gave me a very natural looking cheek boost.
Does anybody have tips on how to shoot blushes like this?
Please let me know in the comments if you do! ♥
 I couldn't see the glowy effect that many Shu blush owners keep raving about though.
You can see it a little bit better here, I think.
There's the color, but not so much glow.
This is a very nice blush, and I do love it, but it didn't wow me as much as I expected. Maybe it's because I expected it would be more glowy, after all the Glow On reviews I've seen online. To be honest, in2it's Sheer Shimmer is more glowy for me. It was the effect I would have wanted from P Peach 47.


  1. So sweet of your parents to give you a Shu blush :DDD

  2. i agree shu uemera has nice blushes but they won't amaze you or anything like that haha! :) and yes, shu is a lot cheaper in HK. i think they're tax free there.

  3. I really love this shade.. Its a nice peachy shade and looks really nice on your skin.


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