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Monday, June 13, 2011

Law School and Beauty Bloggers

An interesting thing I've noticed about the beauty blogs I follow is that a lot of them are run by law students! In no particular order, here are some of these lovely ladies of lipstick and the law:

1. Kristine of Temptalia - This girl is unreal. She's just finished a killer MBA + law degree, and yet she still manages to make so many beautifully photographed AND informative makeup and skincare posts.

2. Sugar Sugar of Whimsical Whatnots and Whatevers - Super friendly Sugar's blog is certainly a whimsical place to be! She makes many fun reviews of interesting makeup products as well as yummy restaurants. Her blog has good FOTD posts too. And she also just graduated from law school! Yay her!

3. Heatherette of Heatherette Blogs - Heatherette made detailed posts about high end makeup products - very useful reference material, even for those who can't afford them like me (hey, i can dream :P)! In addition to that, she used to post the most interesting hauls - all sorts of cool video games, books, and stationery! Currently her blog is on hiatus because of bar exam reviews, but I hope she comes back when she's more free!

4. Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals - Donnarence's blog is solid proof that makeup need not be expensive to be awesome. This girl does so many amazing FOTDs incorporating affordable brands! Like Heatherette, she is also reviewing for the bar exam and isn't posting as much anymore because of that. I hope she returns afterward too!

Law school officially starts tomorrow! I don't know if I'll be able to post as often as I did this summer, but I'll try my best to make at least 50 posts  for this year. (2010's 41 posts was so close to that goal, I know! Why 50? Well, it just seems like a nice round number. :P)

Til then, I hope my reviews remain helpful to everyone who visits Stockpiled!

Are you a law student/lawyer with a beauty blog, or any other kind of blog? Drop your link in the comments, I'd love to see your blogs! ♥


  1. waah, thanks for sharing =) I'll visit them soon

  2. hahaha! one beauty-junkie-lawyer in here... my beauty blog may not be as updated as my lawschoolfunk.com but i try my best to have at least one post per month.

  3. Yee back to school na tayo! Hahaha :D Good luck Dee :)

  4. cool! I'm subscribed and a follower to all of them...

  5. Awww... Thank you so much for the special mention Dee! I am truly honored and flattered because the ladies you mentioned above are just great! :)

    My advice is to blog when you have time and just schedule your posts to be published haha! :D

    Cheers to upcoming and the present members of the bar and bench!

    Goodluck with law school! You can do it - fight!!! AJA! =)

  6. I'm back to school as well, taking up Fashion Design. I'm a newbie in this blogging world and trying my best to post as much~ I am following Sugar she's wicked cool, and does a lot of great posts.


  7. Jill of kikayexchange.ph and Jing of girlwithglasses.blogspot.com are awesome beauty bloggers/lawyers too :)

  8. I noticed this too some time ago and even mentioned it to my BF. =) So, what is it with lawyers and beauty stuff, eh? Haha.

  9. here's another lawstudent/beauty blogger:


  10. Hahaha! This made me think. I wonder how many engineering students are beauty bloggers as well... I'm a ChE student. :P

  11. On the contrary, my lawyer friends do not wear makeup - at all! Not even powder.

  12. Funny :P! I didn't pay attention to that, but you are right!

  13. Haha. This is cool! You are very observant!!!


  14. yay to those bloggers! they're really great! :D followed them too. :D I'm loving your blogger layout. so cute! :D

  15. hi, awarded you! http://aringkingkingking.blogspot.com/2011/07/top-10-award-skincare-regimen.html

  16. Hi. Im so glad i chanced upon your blog. I am also a lawyer TRYING (that's the operative word) to blog in my spare time, which i admit is not so much. I am also married with a toddler so spare time is actually a luxury these days. :) I have one post which took me months to finish. I hope i can add to it one of these days. Thanks.


  17. Goodluck on school dear! Thank you for following! (^__^)


  18. this just goes to show that whatever career path we choose, our passion still shines out ;)

    much love,


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