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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've been a bad girl.

I mentioned somewhere in this blog that I wouldn't buy any more new makeup until I was done with my Upcoming Reviews list. I successfully completed the list before summer ended, but then...
I didn't buy everything all in one go, but I did buy all of these
during the summer.

Yep, my resistance is weak. I can justify some of these purchases though!

These two were backups.

And these were limited edition. (Also, I've been wanting to work on my eye makeup skills and read that Majomajo quads were easy to work with and produced striking results.)

And these three... well, I can't really explain myself for these.

Oops? :))

Reviews for the unreviewed products coming eventually!
(The Hydro Splash review can be found here, and the Covergirl powder review can be found here.)


  1. Hey, is that the MM Sugary Trap Blush? I forgot the exact name, can you do a review on it?

  2. Review on the Majo Majo blush, please. :P You've been a bad girl, but you'll be forgiven if you review it. Kidding, of course. Nice haul. :P

  3. Pammy - Your comment made me LOL, seriously! :))

    Quin and Pammy - Yep, I'll definitely review the Puff de Cheek blush as soon as I have time! Still pretty busy reading stuff for school X_X

  4. Nice haul! please review the majo majo blush. the packaging looks nice, i bet the inside's much nicer. haha

  5. I'm actually planning to buy that Majolica majorca "dual chromed" greenish eyeshadow this weekend! (^_^)

  6. oooh new stuff :) can't wait to see reviews!

  7. Its so hard to be on a makeup shopping ban when every time you go to the mall you see something you want/must have. :) Great haul!

  8. Sarah - Go go! You won't regret buying it, it's really good! I don't think it's that dual chromed though, but it's still very pretty. :D

    Nina - I TOTALLY agree! I'm going to have to think of a new way to control my purchases. Like maybe, allow myself two items a month or something :))

  9. Sweet haul!


  10. i like it when you're misbehaving dee! :D i won't blame you for hauling these haha! everything looks promising. x)


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