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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palladio Natural Rice Concealer in Dark

This product's complete name is Palladio Natural Rice Eye Stick Treatment and Concealer. What a mouthful! I'll stick with calling it Natural Rice Concealer.

In the Philippines, this concealer is available in four shades: Light, Medium, Dark, and Green for redness. (They list more shades on their website, though.) Their shade spectrum is SUPER light. My skin usually falls in the medium range with other makeup brands, but not for this one.

The amount of concealer seems a bit short, doesn't it?
Below is what their Dark shade looks like. Still seems pretty medium to me, honestly.

Anyway, it blends in very well:

You can barely see it! Amazing!

Now, while this is a product meant for undereye circles, I found that it doesn't do its job in that aspect very well. This is my eye without it:

And this is my eye with it:
Not very much difference, but I suppose this could work perfectly for you if your undereyes aren't as genetically dark as mine.
I found that it does an EXCELLENT job of covering up pimple marks, though. Here's a particularly visible one:
(Sorry if my face looks oddly pink in this. Had to move closer to my light source so the pimple mark could be seen better.)

And here it is covered up with the concealer:
Pimple, what pimple? XD

Now all it needs is a light dusting of face powder, and it'll be virtually flawless!
The Natural Rice Concealer retails for PHP425.00 at most Beauty Bar outlets. It's odorless and lasts for about half a day on my skin, but I feel that the product amount is not enough for its price. This is a good buy, but if you can find better deals, prioritize those first.


  1. i love this concealer!!! the coverage and the consistency is superb.. i used the medium one..

  2. Waaah! I don't have a concealer *sniff* And I don't know how to use one.

  3. wow... medyo pricey pala siya...

    good review sis :)


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