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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shawill Vogue Noble lipstick 04

This is my first time encountering this brand. I saw its newly-opened stall at Landmark Trinoma and decided to have a look because it seemed promising. I ended up getting this P120.00 lipstick:

It's a very pretty coral pink shade that I thought was more peachy-pink, but I like it nonetheless.

The lipstick is semi-sheer and is not drying. Pretty good for its price, yes?

And now for the obligatory lip shots:

The origin of this brand confuses me, though. While it has Hangul on its packaging,

its quality control seems to be sourced in China. It's also licensed by A&W Cosmetics, which (correct me if I'm wrong) is a Chinese brand.

And to add to the confusion, the SA told me that it was a Korean brand with ingredients sourced from Italy. So many countries! I trust the SA's info the least, though. The SAs I've met (not just for this brand) have been really inaccurate lately. :|


  1. whoa!
    i love the layout!

    i guess that's a new brand on the market,huh?
    i haven't gone beauty shopping for quite a while & i think i really should start checking new brands too

    i think it looks pretty neat
    the shade looks great on your lips!

  2. haha!

    i love the way you compose your blog... you are very detail-oriented, and i like that about you.

    that product is definitely made in china... you can tell whether or not a product is manufactured or made in china if the barcode starts with 6-9-0.

    btw, i like your new template... :)

  3. Wow! Those lippies are cheap! I wish they have a stall here in Baguio.

    Oh, and thanks for dropping by my site. I agree with you. NYX Diamond Sparkle lipgloss is very sparkly. I believe this is the best among the lipglosses I've tried (won't name them anymore *grin*)

  4. i bought an eyeshadow from shawill as well. It's so pigmented. its nice to use when your going to a party or something, but for everyday use. not much...

    i hope it doesnt have side effects

  5. actually, it's not a Chinese brand. It's a Korean brand, but the packaging is done in China, as what the sales lady explain to me. that's why it's much cheaper compared to Etude brand because it's not direct to china.

  6. Actually it's a Korean brand. The packaging is done in China because it's much cheaper and when it is delivered here in the Philippines it doesn't cost that much tax unlike the Etude brand which came from Korea directly.


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