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Friday, June 3, 2011

What's in my Bag?

aka Making Gaya Gaya Aya :P

Aya made a What's in my Bag post earlier today. In the last part of the post, she invited other people to show her their bags. Invitation accepted, Aya! (Haha, I hope you don't mind! ♥)

Since I don't have classes yet, this is my "grab-and-go-have-adventures" bag. I can't remember when I bought it, but it's from EGG. It looks small but it can fit A LOT of things.

Assorted notepads/books, writing instruments, hair ties, and my planner. The small black one is for lists, the red one is for personal notes, the strawberry notepad is for notes to other people, and the planner is for planning!

Tissue packs, alcohol, comb+mirror compact, lip balm, mini powder compact, "emergency" makeup + brush, alcohol. I carry two tissue packs just in case someone I'm with needs a lot of tissue, like when they spill something. My "emergency" makeup is a few ELF shadow/blush pans that I apply using the compact's included applicator and Nichido's retractable brush. Admittedly they're not very good products, but they're enough to add color to my face if the makeup I'm wearing fades away too soon and I need to look made up. (Whenever I go out, I often don't like bringing the makeup I use at my dresser .)
The tissue doesn't always have to be two different brands -
it just happened that those were the last two packs at home.

Wallet, keys, ID. I was super happy when I saw that Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street carried Little Twin Stars card cases, as shallow as that may be XD. At the Gift Gate stores I go to, I only see ones with Cinnamoroll on them.

Phone, game. Communication and entertainment. Boredom killers!
Yes that is a LTS pouch. Whaaat? :P
And that's what's in my bag! Be sure to check out Aya's post too! There's even a cute video of her in it!

Also, there's a new poll in the sidebar! Please do answer it, thanks~ ♥


  1. is that a staedtler fineliner pen? I love how it glides smoothly :) it's good in making outlines when drawing :))

    nice post, I really find your strawberry notepad and your mirror cute :) Chocolate cookie and strawberry :3

  2. Kirin - Yes it's a staedtler fineliner. It's so easy to write and draw with, isn't it? :D Haha chocolate cookie and strawberry - I didn't realize my stuff could be so delicious! :))

  3. Weeee! I also have a DSiXL in my bag! That is the bomb! Let's meet up for some games. Hehe! I will post my "What's in my Bag" soon. Nakakainggit! :)

  4. the contents of your bag is soooo cute! :3 i always see colored pen among law students hahaha! =)

  5. Jes - Yay for DS gamers like us!! Sige, let's game one day. :D And go go go, make a bag post too. The more the merrier!

  6. what a nice stuff you have and i like the bag :)

  7. Little Twin Stars! :P I like these posts. The chismosa in me likes seeing what people bring with them everyday. I see someone and I find myself wondering what's in her bag. :P

  8. Yey thanks for linking!:) CUTE STRAWBERRY NOTEPAD! Alcohol and tissue are must haves. Germs everywhere. LOL

  9. i like your strawberry notepad. :) i always bring a notepad with me too. ^^ btw, i tagged you.


  10. You are a Moleskine girl. I heartily approve. :D

  11. I love the strawberry notepad! haha so cute!

  12. Sugar - Haha, colorful pens are a way to make law readings more bearable? XD
    Ayumi and Nina - Glad you like them! ♥
    Pammy - Glad you like the post! I had so much fun making it that I'm thinking of making it a regular thing haha
    Aya - Yes, GERMS! X_X I never use public toilets unless I have these with me to wipe the seat down!
    Debbie - Thank you for the tag! Will do it as soon as I can!
    Kari - Moleskine FTW! The red one actually isn't a moleskine tho. :))

  13. Haha! The non-Moleskine ones actually still make pretty good (and cheaper) notebooks, but I like the neatness of the Moleskine planners. I don't get the non-planner ones because I'd be too scared to write in it. :))


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