I have just recently come out of hiatus.
Please see the I'm Back for Now and the About the Blogger tabs for more information!

About the Blog

Stockpiled! is a makeup review blog focusing on budget-friendly local and foreign brands. It is based in the Philippines. Occasionally it will review high-end brands too, but only occasionally.

I write this blog just for kicks, but I'm happy to be reference material for other people too. I'm not a makeup expert, just an avid deal-finder and a curious experimenter. Please remember that what may work for me might not work for you.

I started seriously using makeup only two years ago, in 2009. Still, I continue writing these reviews so that other people who are also relatively new to makeup have something to start with. It's a "by a noob, for noobs" sort of thing.

Creating makeup reviews is still a learning experience for me. As such, the photos and content of older posts may be of lower quality than newer ones. Please do not treat this blog as something constant.

Stockpiled! is primarily a makeup review blog. It will not host or join contests or giveaways, sorry. If you tag me or give me awards, I will be happy to respond to the tag/award and the requirements that come with it, but I will not tag other people after doing it because, well, I'm very lazy in that aspect. Nothing personal, I assure you.

I prefer to keep much of my personal life private. I will never mention the real names of my friends and family, nor will I upload pictures of them. Just recently, I have also decided not to share pictures of myself either. (If you're one of them and you've stumbled upon this blog, hello there! Are you surprised I have one of these things? :P)
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