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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Artdeco Eye Shadows

In the three years I was gone, I learned to work with eye makeup. I like to think that I've improved since 2011, to the point that I no longer focus on lipwear in my daily makeup routine. Nowadays, after base makeup, I just tend to do my eyes and leave my lips with only a layer of lip balm. Sometimes I even leave them bare. I've found that eye makeup is much easier to maintain throughout the day compared to my old favorites, lip and cheek makeup, because the eye area is a part of the face that isn't bothered so much with eating, drinking, sweating, or accidental rubbing. (I did keep accidentally touching my eyes as I was learning though, but now that it's 2014, I've taught myself not to.)

Price: P350 for each shadow pan, P295 for the magnetic container
Date Bought:29 March 2014
Location Bought: Beauty Bar Eastwood

I really felt like getting blue eyeshadow that day. Blame it on Frozen and on one of my favorite tumblr users.

Artdeco used to be carried by SM Watsons. Now, the brand is stocked by Beauty Bar. I do not know why they transferred from one major company to another, but I do know that Artdeco shadows are good. I'm glad that they didn't pull out of the country altogether.

Shade 03 (Pearly Granite Grey, according to the Beauty Bar website) to the left is a shimmery blue gray.
Shade 63 (Pearly Baby Blue) to the right is a shimmery light blue.
Artdeco eye shadows are "magnetic system" eyeshadows.

The bottom of each pan has a magnetic strip, which locks into place in the specially made palette.
The left side of each pan has a label identifying the eyeshadow color.
Since I only wanted to make a simple blue eye look, I bought their smallest two-shadow palette.
These shadows are creamy and well-pigmented. They last for a whole day in an airconditioned environment, even without an eyeshadow base. They do have a bit of fallout upon application however, but that's the only complaint I have about them. The ice-encrusted, Queen Elsa finish is exactly what I was going for when I thought of purchasing these colors.
This is the resultant eye effect using both colors.
I applied Shade 63 all over my lid, then used Shade 03 on my outer Vs. Then I lined my upper lids with brown eyeliner. Finally, I put on mascara.
I also lined a little bit (maybe 1/4?) of my lower lid to make my eyes appear rounder and spaced farther apart.
Icy blue may not be the conventional shadow choice for everyday wear, but I find that pairing it with brown eyeliner and a modest coating of mascara turns it into a unique yet work-safe look. (In fact, I have been wearing this to work for the entire month of April.)

Would I buy this again? No. While the pans are tiny, a little goes a long way when using them. Also, none of the other colors available at Beauty Bar catch my interest.  Perhaps when I feel like wearing another color combination that I don't already have, I'll give Artdeco another visit.

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