I have just recently come out of hiatus.
Please see the I'm Back for Now and the About the Blogger tabs for more information!

Contact Me

Regarding Posts

If you have further questions regarding something I posted, I can be contacted either through directly commenting on the post itself, or through my email, cmug.stockpiled@gmail.com. Don't worry, I don't bite. Much. :P ♥

Please ASK FOR MY PERMISSION FIRST through my email before using my posts to sell your makeup.

Regarding PR and/or Sponsorship

If you are affiliated with a beauty company and would like to collaborate with me, I am open to:
  • writing reviews for your company's makeup products
  • contributing beauty articles to your company's website
  • promoting makeup-related events hosted by your company through my blog.
Your company may use these reviews, articles, and promotions in whatever way you wish, so long as I am credited properly.

I am not open to:
  • hosting giveaways using sponsored items
  • placing banners, buttons, or links to your company's website on permanent areas of my blog (i.e.: the header and footer sections, and the sidebar). I wish to keep Stockpiled! free from these types of advertisements.
 As in the previous case, I can be contacted through my email, cmug.stockpiled@gmail.com.
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