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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #2

Price: P328.00
Location Bought: Etude House SM Megamall
Date Bought: December 20, 2009

Packaging: the blush is housed in a VERY GIRLY domed  plastic container with an EVEN GIRLIER puff inside. The plastic feels durable and professional.

Side Story: Remember my brother who wouldn't go near the store? I showed him the uber girly puff and he totally freaked out. I quote, "P*TA, anong KABAKLAAN YAAAN?! May kinalbo ka bang rabbit?!" LOL!

Color: medium pink, actually quite similar to the blush found in the herbench Dainty Lass palette, but without the shimmers

Pigmentation: VERY WEAK, doesn't show up well on my hand, not even on my finger

Actual Usage: gives a very light just-flushed appearance to my cheeks, which I actually like. Doesn't photograph well just like ELF Candid Coral, though.

Great for real life, terrible for photo ops.


  1. haha! i'd love to hang out with you and your brother one of these days! grew up with a bunch of brothers myself.. and they all act weird about my girly stuff haha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. the shade is so gorgeous on you!
    ill visit etude next year to buy some blushes =)

  4. That's the cutest thing evah. Haha. Still haven't dropped by Etude House, but I'm dying to.

  5. the puff is so cute! the shade looks lovely on you..

  6. I actually like how it looks so natural on you. =)

  7. Your brother is effing hilarious!

    B from A plus B

  8. Hi, I love your blog :) I'm a big fan of Etude House too. I've been reading your reviews (on other brands as well) and they've all been really helpful.

  9. Btw, your brother rabbit comment cracked me up XD


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