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Friday, October 2, 2009

herbench/ paint box colour palette in Dainty Lass

Seems bench now has these handy dandy makeup palettes for convenient full-face touch-ups on-the-go.

The palette is done in the brand's signature flowery metallic pink style and comes with a generously sized mirror and two decently-performing applicators (although I suppose most of you girls carry separate portable makeup brushes already).

The palettes are roughly around PHP350.00 and come in three variants: Earth Angel, Show Girl and Dainty Lass, which I will be swatching today.

The Dainty Lass palette contains the stereotypically cutesy girly color combination of pink and purple: two pink glosses, one pink blush, and one sparkly purple eyeshadow. I honestly don't think pink and purple are cutesy girly at all, especially when paired with black.

Here's the eyeshadow:
(I thought it would look bad on me, but it surprisingly wasn't.)

Below are the two glosses. The darker pink is on my upper lip, the lighter pink is on my lower lip.
(You might want to wear lip balm or something similar underneath, though. The glosses are a bit drying.)

Here's the blush:
(I rather like the color, it seems like the shade in between Careline's Touch of Pink and Rosy Cheeks.)

And finally, this is how it looks like all put together:

I had fun playing with this - so much that I might even get the Show Girl palette!


  1. hi pretty! i didn't know that bench have palettes. hmmn heehee thanks for reviewing this :)i love the glosses, very pink and girly! heehee.

  2. Yay another great review.:) Will watch out for more.

    I'm planning to get a palette since I think it's great for beginners like me. I'll keep this as an option. Thanks!:)

  3. oohh i dont know how i missed thi when dopped by to check out the lipgloss. thanks for reviewing will check it soon hehe


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