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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color in Blue Moon

Ondoy and Pepeng failed to sweep me away, but end-of-sem requirements did. But anyway, I'm baaack! I have quite a number of products backlogged already, I just haven't gotten around to posting them all!

This is the first of many posts about ELF's eyeshadow quads. I've recently gotten into eyeshadows and I super love these little things! They're uber cheap and come in beautiful safe-for-everyday colors - perfect for n00b experimenters like me!

Blue Moon is a predominantly blue quad with some neutrals thrown in. I got it because it seemed like an interesting combination.

The colors aren't too pigmented alone as you will see below, but they turn out alright if you use a primer of some sort underneath.

I did four looks with this quad. For the first one, I used the two blue colors primed with the lighter shade in ELF's cream shadow duo in Blueberry. For the second one, I used the two neutrals primed with the lighter shade in ELF's cream shadow duo in Mocha Swirl.
In retrospect, the second look ended up pretty lumpy. :|

For the third and fourth look, I used ELF's tone correcting concealer in tone 2 as the primer, and the lighter brown shade in the quad as the lid color. I used the darker brown and blue as crease colors.
Maybe I should have blended these more?

This quad was really fun to play with, but I think I should watch a few more Youtube tutorials to improve my blending and application skills. Heehee!


  1. hmm.. i've never been able to get that much pigmentation with the blue moon quad. i'll try it with the cream shadows later :)

    i like the 1st 2 looks you did. how did you apply them? lighter color in the inner corner and darker color in the outer? tia!

  2. ^Yup, that's exactly how I put them on! :D


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