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Friday, October 23, 2009

Catch-up time! Awards etc!

This award was given to me ages ago by Cha from love affair <3. A big thank you to you, pretty! :D

You're supposed to share 6 interesting facts about yourself when given this award, so here goes:
  1. I used to be scared of dinosaurs as a little kid. I think it was because my parents took me to a huge animatronic dinosaur exhibit somewhere in Manila, and I freaked out because of all the claws and huge teeth.
  2. I hate riding in front of jeeps. They're so troublesome to get in and out of, especially if you're travelling in a skirt. One time I was riding in front and the sidemirror suddenly broke, spraying bits and pieces of glass all over my lap. Terrible. But in contrast...
  3. I love riding trains. Yes, even our cramped MRTs. (I find that glaring works effectively to prevent people from invading your personal space nyahaha >:D) When I'm in another country, the trains are often the first things I want to see (and ride in). There's just something about train systems that shows you a close-up perspective of the country's culture. On Hong Kong's railways, you can leave your bag hanging open and not get anything stolen from it. In the New York subway, you can dye your hair pink and dress in all the spikes and leather you want and not get gawked at by people. Someday I hope to ride the London Tube and the Berlin U-Bahn too.
  4. I'm currently addicted to Cafe World on Facebook. Would you believe I even employed the multiple stoves cheat just to be able to cook more on a measly Facebook game? LOL, some of you are probably thinking, "Who the hell cheats on a FACEBOOK game?!" but there you have it. I find Cafe World more fun and easier to play than Resto City because you don't need to spend half your time collecting silly ingredients.
  5. I think the left side of my face is more photogenic than the right. Dunno why, I just do. Maybe it's because of the "left brain, right brain thing" psychologists and neurologists keep going on and on about?
  6. I like dry, crispy adobo better than the regular "wet" kind. I'll still happily eat the latter, though.
And then not too long ago, Martha the BEAUTY JUNKEE gave me this award for having, I quote, a "hot blog layout"!
I'm glad you like my layout, sis! :D

And also, I got myself bangs!

I was getting tired of my old hair, so I decided it was time for a whole new look! I really like how it turned out, even though my blockmates teased me for looking like a little girl when they first saw the new 'do. XD

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