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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The ABCs of Dee

This meme was shamelessly stolen borrowed from one of the lovely nail polish blogs I follow, because it looked fun.
Here's a random shot of nail polish, because this post was started
thanks to a nail polish blog, and also so this post isn't completely bare of pictures.

A. Age:
Old enough. Early twentiees

B. Bed size:

C. Chore you hate:
Washing whites and big things like bedspreads. I don't mind ironing tho!

D. Day:

E. Essential start to your day:
Splashing water on my face

F. Favorite color:

G. Gold or Silver:

H. Height:
5'2". I'm short.

I. Instruments:
A teeny tiny bit of piano.

J. Job title:
Student. (And Attorney, but that's still far far far away XD)

K. Kids:
Sure. 2 sons preferably. For some reason, I don't like little girls. (Possibly because I don't like the competition haha!)

L. Live:
the Philippines!

M. Mom’s name:
also starts with D. Yep, we're that kind of family where the daughters and sons have names that start with the first letters of the mom's and dad's names respectively.

N. Nicknames:
Dee. Brat and bitch to my closest, dearest friends. (No seriously, those are terms of endearment for us. I call them bitch and manbitch in return too.)

O. Overnight hospital stays:
A handful in my lifetime. 3-5 I think?

P. Pet peeve:
Drivers who don't signal properly

Q. Quote from a movie:
"The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything." - The Prestige

R. Right or left handed:

S. Siblings:
2: one brother, one sister.

T. Time you wake up:
6ish to 8ish. Yes, I am a morning person. It is lonely being one, most of the people I know are owls!

U. Underwear:
I would like to find rainbow printed ones someday. I saw some at Genevieve Gozum one time, but when I went back for them, they were gone.

V. Vegetables you dislike:
Monggo and baguio beans. It was a traumatic childhood story involving my parents on vacation, and my strict grandmother who wanted to get more nutrients into me. XD

W. What makes you run late:
Bathroom! My sister and I share one, and she always takes SO LOOOONG.

X. X-Rays you’ve had:

Y. Yummy food you make:
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, tomato-basil-parmesan-olive pasta (that I totally ripped off of Giada de Laurentiis' show)

Z. Zoo:
Back when I was a little girl on my father's shoulders and Manila Zoo still had giraffes, one of the herd poked its neck over the fence and tried to get at my head. Did I smell like an edible plant?


  1. I thougt your fave color is blue, hehe..But yeah, I lov orange too =)~

  2. Lina - LOL no, I just felt like making my current blog layout blue~


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