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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Face Shop Face It Extreme Rouge Gloss: BR801 and PK102

EXTREME rouge indeed! These are seriously the most pigmented, well-formulated glosses I have ever encountered! My friend and I (the same one I was with when I got the in2it shimmer blush) were mall-hopping for graduation things when I got these. After we had found our graduation dresses, we decided to stop at a Face Shop at the mall we were currently in because she was mourning the loss of Elianto and wanted some things to "fill the void". While she made off with a whole shitload of things from toner to lip balm, I quietly went away with these babies. I was so taken with their pigmentation that I couldn't resist!

Price: P545.00 each
Location Bought: The Face Shop Shangri-la
Approximate Date Bought: mid April 2011

Packaging: The Extreme Rouges look like the taller, more sophisticated older sisters of Etude's Fresh Cherry Tints. Ergonomically speaking, the tubes are very easy to hold. There is a pop-up mechanism at work in these glosses - screw them open, and the caps pop up automatically. Wannabe science nerd moment: I think this means the glosses are closed up vacuum tight, because they wouldn't be able to pop up like that if they weren't in a vacuum. (Please correct me if I'm wrong, real science nerds! ♥)

The wands have angled doefoot applicators, which make application more precise. I also find them more velvety than the ones that come with my other glosses.

Color and Pigmentation: BR801 is a lovely nude shade. It was the color I wore on graduation day, paired with a smokey eye and a super light dusting of blush.

PK102, on the other hand, is an adorable bubblegum pink. I find myself wearing it quite often when I go out. There's something about the color that makes me happy, which is why I also sometimes wear it at home, even if I'm only bumming around.

Pigmentation, by the way, is SUPER STRONG. What you see on the tube is what you get on the skin, and even on the lips.
One dab gives you THIS MUCH color intensity already!
I don't know why the camera wouldn't focus on BR801.
Formulation: Both glosses have this pleasant berry scent with a hint of mint. They do not feel minty, but they do feel surprisingly light (despite some slight stickiness) for such pigmented shades. A warning, however:  DO NOT apply these over dry lips. They are not drying, but they aren't forgiving on dry lips because they make lines more evident. Make sure you hydrate your lips first before putting these on. In my experience, simply wetting your lips with some water is enough to make them go on smoothly - no more balms needed.

In Action: Did I mention how pigmented these glosses were already? Yes? Well, did I mention how long-lasting they are too? :D These glosses last 5-6 hours on me. They're pretty resistant to drinks, although they don't hold up well against food. That, or maybe I just tend to wipe my mouth a lot while eating.
BR801. The perfect nude!
PK102. Sweet and playful pink!
Would anybody like to test how long these last while kissing someone? >:D


  1. BR-801 is l-o-v-e!! Very pretty! :P

  2. niiiceee... i like the perfect nude!

  3. I love BR801. The perfect nude!

  4. oh my you make me wanna loose my money hehehehe.

  5. Wow I super like the pigmentation of those! :D

  6. these look super nice on your lips sis! prutttyyy!!! i can't even make up my mind which looks better on you haha! =)

  7. I think I'll try the nude~ its pretty.. for everyday look... :)

  8. Oh~ I love the pigmentation the gloseses have! So pretty :D


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