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Monday, June 29, 2009

Pigeon pressed powder in White (Japan)

Success! Finally got my hands on one of these elusive babies!

I've been to a lot of malls, searching high and low for this Japan-made Pigeon compact only to find it out of stock every single time. Well, almost, becaaaause...

...I was lucky enough to snag the last piece Landmark Trinoma had!

This compact really is HUGE. Look at how it dwarfs my Elianto baked powder:

It really deserves all the raves it's been getting on GTalk. Great oil control, super gentle formula (it's for babies, after all), and best of all...
a REALLY velvety sponge! Honestly, the sponge is what makes me want to put it on over and over again. It feels so soft and smooth!

In case you're worrying about the powder being too white for you, DON'T. It goes on translucent and blends really well into the skin.

I seriously recommend this product because it's a fool-proof way to make yourself look fresh instantly. Grab one as soon as you see one, because it's rather hard to find!


  1. I've been looking for this but havent found one, you're lucky sis na try mo na rin.

  2. Rhen - Sis try mo sa Landmark Makati kung may stocks, dun yung unang suggestion ng ibang GTalkers sakin eh. :) Malayo ako sa Makati kaya sinubukan ko muna sa mas malapit.

  3. what shade of polish are you wearing in the pic above? :)

  4. this is the HG powder of my gay friend :) lagi na lang kasi siya may baby powder na baon.

    this is good, aside from being an oil-control/retouch powder, hindi nagmamantsa masyado yung foundation sa sponge kapag nag reretouch na... maganda yung sponge niya.

  5. it's cheap ha. hindi na ako aasang meron dito sa place namin. :(

  6. thanks for the review sis! i wanna buy one! hehe..

  7. wow! im sold! :D i want one.. sana meron sa MOA or sa atc

  8. I got mine from the babies' section in Galleria! I love it!

  9. Hi sis! I've a question regarding this powder. Does it have SPF? Thanks!

  10. Hi Golden! As far as I know, both the mirrorless and mirrored pigeon compacts aren't equipped with SPF.

  11. Hi sis! San banda mo sya nakita sa Landmark TriNoma? I've been searching for this Pigeon mirrorless kaya lang laging yung may mirror lang yung available.


  12. I LOVE THIS POWDER! Non-irritant and super oil control pa! yeah!!!!
    (got this for sale in SM City Iloilo! it doesn't have as much buyers as there in Manila XD)

  13. Replies
    1. Sorry for the uber late reply!

      If you're still interested in pigeon powders, the Japanese one is P250, if i remember correctly.


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