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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

hbc San-San Eyeshadow Duo 01

I was only supposed to buy nail polish remover from hbc, but then I ended up walking out with this pretty purple eyeshadow duo from their San-San line:

It's not exactly the PURPLE purple eyeshadow I've been looking for since forever, but I like it nonetheless.

The shadows are matte and apply VERY lightly, which may or may not sit well with you guys. I like light shadows myself, so they're okay by me. Despite the lightness, though, they applied very smoothly and weren't flaky or chalky at all.

Here's a second shot under artificial lighting for another look at the colors:

I swiped a thin line of the lighter purple onto my lids for school today. (Apologies if the shot is not so good - I need more practice taking eyeshadow shots! X_X)

There is one thing I really dislike about this product, and that is its packaging. While it may look nice from a distance, closer inspection shows that San-San Eyeshadow duos are sloppily assembled, as if they were just rushed school projects.

The glue used to bind the eyeshadow palettes to the compact can be seen from behind,

and what holds the applicator in place is just a piece of double-sided tape! I would have preferred that they NOT put double-sided tape in, if that was the only thing they could think of to keep the applicator steady.


  1. i hate this palette..

    for some reason i find the color too chalky & a bit hard to remove...


  2. This e/s will not work for me 'coz I like wearing shimmery e/s. ^_^


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