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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nichido Girl's Night Out eyeliner in Bronze Glow

My previous experience with GNO eyeliners isn't very good. They apply horribly on my eyes, so I was surprised when this shimmery bronze recommended by a GTalker worked well on me.

It's the usual double-ended deal. Eyeliner on one side,

And smudger on the other. I rarely use smudgers, though. This one feels really weird too, like one of those rubber things you put on chairs to keep them from scratching floors.

Here's the hand swatch:

And here it is on my upper and lower lids. What I like best about it is that it's not a very noticeable color, yet it gives your eyes a nice, defined intensity, almost like a glow. (AHA! So that's why its name is Bronze GLOW! XD)


  1. looks nice,nakita k lang un white e/l nile eh anyway sis i gave u awards pick it up in my blog

  2. I'll buy this once I have the money to spare. ^_^

  3. i have this too. i prefer thin mints, the light green one because it helps reduce the redness in my eye from wearing contacts

  4. it goes with almost any color of eye shadow. it's great :-)


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