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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nichido lipstick in Tender Lips

Yet another GIRLTalk find. I swear, that forum increases my respect and support for local cosmetics each time I visit. <3

Does the sleek, anodized aluminum-like casing seem familiar? It should be.

Same height, same lipstick amount... are you wondering why?

That's because they're actually made by the same company! (Sorry if the font's still too small, the macro lens on my camera wouldn't go any closer.)

Both Penshoppe and Nichido lipsticks are manufactured by Jemica Cosmetics Corp., which is based in Quezon City. Nichido's lipsticks smell better, though. To me, they smell like Play Doh, which is actually a rather pleasing scent.

Anyway, Tender Lips is a sheer peachy orange perfect for everyday wear. It glides on smoothly and isn't drying. (The shea butter ingredient is working! Yay!)

Here's what it looks like in different lighting situations:

I'm definitely wearing this to school once it starts back up on Monday.


  1. I absolutely agree! GT's been influencing me lately to get my hands on great local MU (Nichido one of them).

    Got a tube of Bare Lips yesterday and it's so fabulously smooth to apply! ^_^

  2. Yeah, GT changed my perspective on local makeup brands. I never knew that they do actually work! Nice blog sis! ^_^

  3. aoshi - yeah, Nichido's lipsticks are so smooth it makes you want to glide them onto your lips over and over and over. XD

    golden - i used to think local makeup was all bad, but not anymore! glad you like the post! :D

  4. I saw your site and I bought a two Nichido Lipsticks! :D I was a bit overwhelmed with all the shades, but there are different tubes, like one is ALL PINK like tender lips, one is ALL silver which is the cheapest at p100, one is silver but has a pink stripe across it, and one is skinny tall and 'hot pink' ?

    Do you know the differences between all of them? :? The sales lady was no help.

  5. Lea - I haven't tried any other Nichido lipsticks besides Tender Lips, so I'm not sure about the differences among their lipstick lines. The differences would most probably be packaging, fragrance, and moisture level, but that's just my guess.

    Kaasar naman yung saleslady na yun, walang alam sa sarili niyang products. :))

  6. My cousin gave me Nichido - Radiant Red lipstick....and it has been my fave ever since.
    It gave my lips a different shine and texture. I feel so beautiful when im wearing it....
    I highly recommend it ~_~


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