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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Penshoppe Pop Beauty lipstick in Spanish Red + Another Award!

School just started, and I'm already buried in work! X_X Anyway, today we have one of my school lipsticks. If I'm not using Tender Lips, I usually use this together with Mauvey.

This sheer red from Penshoppe is no Wild Cherry, but I still like it all the same.

Even if it's sheer, it still manages to deliver a big pop of color:

Here it is worn alone, under different types of lighting (I decided to play around with shot angles today too XD):

And here it is worn with Mauvey:
There's not much difference, really, but I like to think it makes the color look "nuder". XD


Also, the amazing ~tHiAmErE~ gave me an award! Thank you so much!

I'd like to pass this on to:

makeupjunkie of confessions of an unapologetic makeup junkie
gracie of Gracified Shopaholix
*Nehs* of Nehsai loves N and CHIPIPAY'S (Cheap, good quality products? I am SO there! Looking forward to getting introduced to more cheap-but-good finds from this blog! :D)
and the Girl with Glasses!


  1. there is a lip gloss i think that i used to love at penshoppe..

    it has a watermelon flavor & it makes my lips soft..
    i just can't remember what it is...or if its still available

    i think this lipstick looks promising too!

  2. sis... thansk for the award...

    i think i might try this. naghahanap kasi ako ng red lipestick na di masyadong red na red...

  3. thanks for the comment sis! and also sa award!!! ganda pala kapag nablend sa mauve, i'll definitely try this ^^

  4. hey angie! thanks for the award sis!! <33


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