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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Penshoppe Pop Beauty 9 in 1 Lip Palettes in Toffee and Berry

I've wanted to check these out for myself ever since I heard of them on the TeenTalk forums. I mean, 9 lip glosses in 1 package for only P129.75 is a very good deal, right? And if you get both variants, you get 18 different glosses total, all for the cheap sum of P259.50.

Can you guess which palette is which? The colors pretty much tell you what they're named after. I like that they included a tiny mirror. Very convenient.

Now, I did a little bit of googling to see if anyone else had done reviews on these products, and someone had! The review was done last year, back when Penshoppe's makeup line was still called Face It.

It isn't 2008 anymore though, and I find that my opinion differs from hers.

Aside from the name change to Pop Beauty, Penshoppe seems to have reworked its gloss formula, as everything in my palettes did not feel sticky as the previous review reported.

The included lip brushes were of decent quality too. Not one brush hair fell out as I swatched and applied the glosses consecutively.

All the colors were sheer, but they're glosses anyway so they're supposed to be like that. Besides, what's nice about their sheerness is that you can layer different colors together.

The only thing I don't like about the palettes is their scent, which smells too waxy.


  1. whoa, so many colors and they're so cheap! :) those look nice :) but it's true about the waxy scent, it's the same with the penshoppe lippie i have.

  2. nice!! i have not tried penshoppe lippies though.. :D

  3. awesome! id have to check this out again. :D

  4. i missed this! i used to have this when I was still a little kikay... =)

  5. i had both palettes a loooong time ago. im not a fan of this product.. too sticky for me, it messed with my hair. felt like i had glue on my lips hehe.. but in fairness, the colors were really good and you can play and mix it to suit your comfort..^^

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