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Monday, June 1, 2009

g-lish Gelato Eyes Cream in shades 2, 9, 12

These cream shadows are super cute and super cheap. Only P60!

They come in many bright colors, and what's really nice about them is that

they can stack together like this!

What's NOT nice about them, though, is that they're not as creamy and blendable as their packaging claims. They're very pigmented, as shown in these swatches,

but they become quite flaky on the eyelids. I had to use moisturizer before they applied well on mine. Slightly disappointing, but with a price tag like that, I may as well collect the entire rainbow. :P


  1. they really look like baxi e/s noh? feeling ko rinepack lang sila ng glish.. but the colors are fab!!!

  2. there was an issue before that glish e/ss are repacked baxi eyeshadows. i had the chance to go to the mall and buy a g- lish sample and my cousin has a baxi collection and tried comparing the two. to my surprise, there's absolutely no difference at all! hmmmm...


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