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Friday, June 12, 2009

4u2 dreamGIRL Faith BB Cream

While I lust after the makeup crown jewels that are MAC and Shu Uemura [or insert your own worshipped brands here] like any other makeup fan, I'm mostly a cheap thrills peasant who delights in finding great products at good deals.

This is not a great product, however. I was definitely wrong to have such high hopes for 4u2's contender to the BB market just because it was a good deal at the low, low price of P198.00.
(Click the pic to read the ingredients and stuff! :D)

It was far too runny, which I'm sure ISN'T supposed to be what BB creams feel like. When I put it on my face, it looked okay, but nothing really happened: no even finish, no covered blemishes, no effective adhesion for other makeup products. I'm also pretty sure "nothing" ISN'T supposed to be what BB creams do.

Perhaps you're wondering why I showed the back first?

That's because silly me only remembered to take pictures of the product right after I had peeled off and crumpled the front label since I felt like being "creative":

You're not missing much, don't worry. It was just the 4u2 logo in hot pink.

Here are some swatches, unblended and semi-blended:

This was a pretty weird product that had no effect on me whatsoever. Maybe I should've gotten this BB cream instead.


  1. i am really wondering if that bb cream is okay because it costs less than ordinary bb creams out there.. :D great review.. i will not risking 198 for this...hihi

  2. i bought this too..

    because i was intrigued that they have BB Cream...& its just Php198...

    im not actually expecting anything from this..

    but what i hate the most is the scent!


    i hate stuff that is so overscented!

  3. i tested this one,it did nothing to me..not coverage no nothing.!yeah scent is really strongt

  4. aww. i use this one and it actually works for me! i like the sheer coverage (since the skin on my face is naturally smooth and fair) so i'm sticking with this for a while. i'll try maybelline's soon :)

  5. even though i read your blog before buying the bb cream, i still buoght it!..i was kicking myself for being stupid ( i could've used the money for 4 meals!) but i'm kicking no more, my covergirl liquid foundation was too pink for me, so a squirt of it plus three drops of the bb cream & a bit of moisturizer: tah-dah!, tinted moisturizer!..if you dry the mix up a bit it's good as concealer.

  6. This really works! I have this one too.. I don't know why it doesn't work to you...

  7. Clyzel - Haha well, different things work on different people? Glad to hear it works on you at least. :D

  8. this works for me too, i think it will look fine for yellow undertone smooth skin since this product means no coverage, it will just give you a brighter & cleaner effect..i guess..


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