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Saturday, June 13, 2009

F21 lipstick in Wild Cherry

This lipstick is a dupe of a dupe. It has exactly the same color as Fanny Serrano's Swiss Kiss, which, as established by the Girl with Glasses, is a dupe of MAC's Russian Red. (Somehow I'm not surprised, what with Fanny Serrano owning the F21 brand and all. XD)

While Swiss Kiss costs P199.00, Wild Cherry only costs P150.00. I suppose the main factor in price difference would be packaging, as the first lipstick comes in a shiny metallic aqua blue tube while the second lipstick is dressed in this simple black number:

I did not have my camera at the time I swatched WC next to SK, but you can see from GwG's post that they are indeed the same. Besides, there's usually an F21 stall next to a Fanny Serrano stall anyway, so you can try swatching them yourself to see how similar they are. :D

I'm more of a nude fan, but I can certainly see myself using this lipstick for when I want to shock people with a pop of color.


  1. cool! a dupe for a dupe. :D i'm searching for a red lippie, thanks for this. will definitely try F21!

  2. wow!
    i will buy this one
    thanks for making a post about this

    i've been looking for a good red lipstick

  3. waaaahhhhhhhhh... ang ganda.. i love your blog.. very nice kasi i am into affordable brands too. and this one rocks talaga..

  4. Wow! At first, I thought it wasn't really that good but looking at how it looks on your lips proved me wrong. I like it!

  5. Super nice i'll check this one out. Thanks

  6. sis...

    thank you for recognizing my blog about the red lips... :)

    you have a very good review regarding the f21 wild cherry...

    better alternative... good job gurl ! (*wink)


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