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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nichido eyeshadow in Ice Violet

I've been looking for a BRIGHT purple/violet eyeshadow for quite some time now,

and I seriously thought that this small eyeshadow pot from Nichido was IT.

Unfortunately, while the color is perfect,

pigmentation is not so good, and the texture is quite powdery. It doesn't last very long either - just around two hours. I do like the slight shimmer it has, though.

The search continues!


  1. :(( i thought it was great..

    how much for it anyway?

  2. you need an eye primer to make that stick.

    but as for the local brands, i won't mind having them but sometimes they are really a waste of money.

    try the yellow one. it's a nice color though.

  3. Aww! It really is hard to look for a cheap but good eyeshadow 'no?

  4. hi angie! it's 69.. thanks! :)

    about the san-san lippie, very cute nga yung color nya pero chappy sya. :((

  5. Try gold foil. It's perfect for the lids! :-)

  6. I think Etude's Sweet Eye Cupcake has this kind of shade :)
    But it was a baked eyeshadow duo so that shade might mix with the darker shade :(


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