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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Shots II

Welcome to the second Sunday Shots, aka my weekly attempt at keeping the blog constantly updated! Sunday Shots posts will be picture posts about the things I've been doing with makeup, law school, and assorted cutesy shit.
I've finally tried all three Carmex flavors. Cherry is still my
absolute favorite since it smells like gummy worms, my favorite candy.
I wasn't too impressed with Strawberry, because it was just the typical strawberry
scent you find in most lip balm brands like Nivea or Chapstick.
NOTW. Bobbie The Big Bang over a black polish I got from Etude.
I used Orly's Sec-n-Dry topcoat to finish everything off.
NOTW five days later. Minimal tip wear only!
Can you guess what's inside?
It's a bento! Since the school cafe is SO BORING and there's very little
time to grab lunch at a restaurant, I've started bringing my own lunch to school.
And since I'm such a sparkly little alien princess, I figured I'd go the bento way.
Check out the funny Engrish. :P
The lunches I make aren't anything fancy. I use whatever's in
the fridge/cupboard. I prefer food that can be eaten with one
hand, so I can "study" cram my cases and eat at the same time.
(That's why I take a little effort to make the onigiri.)
My writing instrument of choice: a blue Dong-A My Gel 0.5.
I also like MUJI's blue 0.4 hexagrip pen, but I haven't been able
to go to High Street/Rockwell to buy refills. MUJI needs to
open more branches! (Greenhills/Shang please? XD)
A couple days ago we were talking about the best highlighter colors.
(Yes, law students have no lives :P) I said Sharpie's yellow was
better than most other yellows in the market.
I think their yellow is much better because it's not as fluorescent.
Fluorescent colors can get eyestraining after all, especially if
you read/highlight a lot of things.


  1. Onigiriiiiii! Back in college our caf randomly stocked these and it had filling inside (chicken, teriyaki, whathaveyou) and I loved eating them, but I felt they weren't too filling and expensive on a student budget (it was 40something).

    My friend gifted me with two of the double-ended hexagrip pens from Muji, and I liked them so much that went and got all the colors I didn't have in my arsenal of Schneider Topliners. And hey, I like that highlighter! I'd get one but I don't really need to highlight stuff these days. :))

  2. Kari - OMG a caf that has onigiri - that's awesome! True, the onigiri by itself doesn't fill me up but there are lots of other things in the bento to help fill me up haha.

    I also have those double-ended MUJI pens, but only a few. <3 A lot of their colors are similar to the Staedtler fineliners that I already have.

  3. I agree. Sharpie's yellow highlighter is my favorite. When it was released to the market, I never used any other highlighter. That's the only color that I used during law school. I even changed some of my codals 'coz I used several highlighters, it looked like a coloring book, and it strained my eyes. Good thing, it was released during my sophomore year. Otherwise, I will have to change all my codals.

  4. Clariza - I actually prefer using several highlighter colors, even if the end result does look like a coloring book. Keeps me from getting bored haha! More practically, using multiple colors helps me sort out the facts, issues, legal doctrines and whatnot better.

  5. That bento is sooo darling with those funny "quotes" you usually read from stationeries!

  6. i will look for that sharpies.. :D haha

  7. Wow, Bobbie's Big Bang is awesome. My housemate has this and I didn't love it on her nails, but it works pala on black base. Pretty awesome.

  8. i love your nail polish! :)

    i also need that highlighter! HAHA! :D

  9. I also bring food in school! ^___^ no time to go outside for lunch either! :P BTW, I gave you a blog award! Hope you check it out!


  10. wow sis! nice polish you got there and thanks for blogging about the Carmex flavors! will definitely try Cherry ;) I hope you'd drop by my blog if you have the time :)

    Don't miss: A House of Harlow-esque Giveaway!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  11. love your obentou especially the onigiri =)
    nice nail polish!!

    follow your blog dear ;)


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