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Sunday, July 17, 2011

KKCenterHK ES 10 Pairs Short Cross Black False Eyelashes

Instant glam without the mess! I am super inexperienced when it comes to falsies, but these lashes weren't any trouble for me at all. As long as you have time to spare before school or work, I honestly think that these are easy and comfortable enough to put on every day. Thank you again for generously sending me these, Maggie!

Price: $6.09 (or around PHP262.00) for a pack of 10. That's around 61 cents (or PHP26.20) for each pair.
Location Bought: KKCenterHK
Approximate Date Bought: shipped sometime within last summer, arrived this week

Packaging: These were shipped to me in a brown paper envelope. The falsies box itself was wrapped securely in bubble wrap. Inside, the falsies are arranged like the picture below, and are not difficult to take out of the box.

My only contention is that it took roughly 2-3 months for these to arrive, but that's my city post office's fault. I didn't want to believe it initially, but now I'm convinced it has a bad reputation. My mother and her friend ordered dresses online last year, and those also took a long time to arrive, like three to four months, whereas her friend who lived in another city (Makati), got hers in one month. Super weird. :| Moral of the story is, don't have these - or anything else, for that matter - shipped to Pasig City! (I hear San Juan post office is good, and they have post boxes available for rent to non-residents. Next time I order online, that's what I'm going to do.)

In Action: I chose ES004, a crisscross type good for daytime wear.

I used this PHP85.00 eyelash glue from Saizen (Daiso) to apply the falsies. I chose it for the applicator, since I have difficulty with eyelash glue in tubes. It doesn't smell like anything, and does not sting at all.

For comparison, here is my bare (boring) eye:

And here it is again with the lashes! Look at the difference they make! They felt very light on my eyes, unlike some other lashes that I've used. I had to trim them a little bit to fit my eye shape, but that did not ruin them in any way.

I played around a little and put on some of Majomajo's GR162 eyeshadow and one of the shades from their Caramelisee quad. I noticed some of the eyeshadow had gotten into the lashes,

so I quickly fixed that with a coat of Maybelline's Lash Stiletto mascara.
I think the mascara makes the lashes look even better!
If you have access to online shopping, definitely try KKCenterHK. Customer service is gracious, and the products are good quality at reasonable prices and are packaged securely. (Just don't have them shipped to my city hahaha)

This was a sponsored post written for KKCenterHK based on my unbiased personal opinions.


  1. aah this one is better than the natural falsies taht I got from kkcenterhk month ago~ it looks so natural.

  2. Wow 3-4 months. Grabeeeee. I only waited for 1 month for my package to arrive and I thought that was a long time already! I live in QC btw :/

  3. the lashes are super pretty! I've always wanted to try out ES lashes from KKCenterHK but I can't wait that long for my products to arrive.

  4. Hollie - They ship reasonably fast naman, based on the other KKCenterHK blog reviews I've read. It's just my post office that's slow. X_X


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