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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Shots I

Welcome to the first Sunday Shots, aka my weekly attempt at keeping the blog constantly updated! Sunday Shots posts will be picture posts about the things I've been doing with makeup, law school, and assorted cutesy shit.
I finished these products just recently! Yay!

When I cut open the BB cream, there was still enough left for a week.
I transferred these "leftovers" to a small container. Waste not, want not!
My recently discovered blush trick: in2it sheer shimmer blush softened
by buffing with a kabuki brush loaded with Pigeon (Japan) powder. I like the
soft, glowy effect this combo has in person!
Local nail polish is levelling up! The first three from the left are flakies,
the last two are multicolored glitterbombs. I've successfully killed my lemmings
 for pricier foreign polishes like Nfu-Oh flakies and
Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday.
My new favorite hair bands. I like the red one best.


  1. Cute ng headbands. :P And you emptied 3 products na. :)

  2. Cute headbands! I remember a few years ago, I was really addicted to headbands. Hahaha

  3. Nice makeup trick. :D

  4. yay for finishing products! congrats! :) the headbands are ever so cute! and the blush looks great on you! :3

    goodluck with lawschool dee! hang in there. ;)

  5. My empty products are collecting on a shelf because I haven't taken a picture yet, haha :))

    Good way to keep blogging!

  6. Wowwwwwwwww, wait a minuteeeeeee. Beautiful collection of nail polishes *.* I Want Alllllll x~
    Great picture from empty makeup case, look so sad, take care of them!
    I Have a little collection of headbands, I love them!
    Have a nice day =)

  7. the hair band are so cuuute! I like the black one =D

  8. congrats for emptying 3 products yay! I also do that blush trick, If my blush looks too strong I usually just load my retractable kabuki with my maybelline face powder and blend.


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