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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ever Bilena lipstick in Mauvey

In my high school days, I used to think Ever Bilena was a bad brand. Now that I'm older and wiser (or so I like to believe!), I realize it's a good-but-cheap brand that shows promise for improving more and more as the years go by.

I think this nude pink lipstick, priced only at around P120.00, says a lot about my current opinion of them.

Despite its packaging - which looks professional from a distance but feels cheap when touched, both the lipstick's pigmentation and application were excellent. (I just noticed as I was typing the previous sentence: most of my complaints about makeup products are about packaging. :P)

I really think Mauvey is a nice, pale pink that pulls off "nude" without looking too washed out.

ETA: Although it isn't flaky, the lipstick is quite drying, so be sure to have some lip balm/butter underneath.


  1. is this really good sis?hnd siya un flakey?i love how you do reviews sa local brands keep em coming sis

  2. Shobe - Glad you like my reviews! No, it's not flakey, but it's a bit drying, so I use lip butter underneath. Thanks for bringing this up, adding it to the review now.:D

  3. gee thanks! love it on you! imma check it out later! btw, goddessella of girltalk here

  4. hi angie! i'm inlove w/ your local prods reviews! will follow you now. :)

    and about the Allue quad, yep the packaging is made by cardboard.. something like it. :) cute packaging really. :) thanks for stopping on our chipipay's blog! <333

  5. its just 120?
    i never knew it was cheap..
    ill try that too

    i got you an award on my blog too

  6. Hello Angie. Thanks for dropping by my site. I'm still grieving until now. Both Hubby and I cried last night. Thanks again for making me feel better.

  7. Did you notice any off taste or smell with your Mauvey? I bought one months ago and I returned it because it had this weird plastic smell and taste, plus it made my lips sting. :(

  8. ^Mine has a waxy lipstick smell, but it didn't make my lips sting since I always put on lip balm or lip butter before using it. No weird taste either.

  9. thanks for this review! i am adding this in my to-buy list.

    i also bought a nude lippie at FS naman, more of peachy tone and i liked it! really nice on smokey eyes effect.

    but i'll try this one too as I am quite fond of mauve-toned makeups...

  10. I love the color! I'll check this product out when I go out next time. Nice blog, BTW. It's pretty hard to find beauty blogs about Filipino products so Stockpiled is pretty useful!

  11. i love mauvey :D its super nude sakin kasi i have darker skintone and I love it!

  12. i have this too~ i liked it so much. :)


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