I have just recently come out of hiatus.
Please see the I'm Back for Now and the About the Blogger tabs for more information!

About the Blogger

I'm Dee. I didn't always go by that name, though. If you know me personally from way back, chances are you'll be shocked I run a makeup blog. I didn't always like makeup, but somewhere along the way, I changed perspectives.

I am a graduate of a communications course at a Quezon City university that may or may not be full of naked people. I am currently in my third year of law school. I work hard (as any other responsible adult), and I play just as hard (as any other irresponsible child).

When I'm not pretending to be an adult, I enjoy video games, science fiction, and Western comic books. Either way though - adult me or child me - I enjoy playing with makeup and nail polish.

In the past years, I have increased experimenting on eye makeup. I eventually found a nice and easy eye style for myself that I have been wearing to school often. I still like light makeup and bright lipcolors, but lately I prefer using less lip products and more eye products.

I am also getting interested in skincare.

Nowadays, the makeup brands I reach for the most often are Tony Moly, Fairydrops, and Artdeco.

I still have a slight addiction to Sanrio's Little Twin Stars.
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