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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Follow Me tint

This was the second thing I wanted from Etude's March collection, the first one being the Choux blusher. I didn't even have to buy it myself, because when I met up with an old friend I hadn't seen in ages, she gifted it to me! She knew me in my pre-makeup days, so her reasoning for the gift was because my favorite color was orange, and not because I'm the closet makeup geek. Hee hee~

Price: P298.00 (No, I didn't ask her how much it was, that's rude! XD Got the price from the Etude House Princess Talk March issue.)
Location Bought: an Etude House branch somewhere?
Approximate Date Bought: late March 2011

Packaging: The Follow Me tint tube is made of plastic that somehow reminds me of porcelain. It feels a bit lighter than what I would have wanted, but I think its size is just perfect. The cute little orange polka dots and the coppery-gold twist-up mechanism are nice touches too - I think they're a great way to be cute and classy at the same time!

Color and Pigmentation: Being a color changing lip product, the effect of the MTFM tint varies from person to person. It starts out as a sheer orange on my skin, but transforms into a reddish-orange-pink after five minutes or so.

Formulation: The tint smells faintly of oranges (or tangerines). It is lightweight, non-drying and non-sticky.  Its staying power is pretty good for something weakly pigmented. A tinge of color still remains after being wiped off, which means this product is capable of keeping your lips pretty even after eating or drinking. It also has an interesting sort of gloss that gives just enough shine to create a "candy effect".

In Action: Below is the "candy effect" I mentioned. To me, the product's gloss makes it seem as if I turned my lips into candy. I like! ♥


  1. very cute on you. i want!!!! =)

  2. I want also this.makabili nga..hehe

  3. Very pretty color and your lips look juicy! :)

  4. I tried the 2NE1 tint on my hand before and if I remember correctly, it came out to the same color. Not entirely sure, though! I think I'll swatch these side by side the next time I drop by Etude.

    What this does remind me of is the LipIce Sheer Color, because the balm turns candy-colored on me too. :)

  5. ehhhhhhh... sis i told you all lippies look good on your lips! LOL! :) i can't remember why i didn't pick this up but will check it out again because of your wonderful review!

  6. Wowwwwww!!! Is so beautiful. I was in doubt about buying it, but after what I seen on your blog, I fell in love xD

  7. nice swatches, I'm totally in love with all EH tints~ have u tried their soda tint?

  8. I want to try this also, I have orange or tangerine lipstick (but different brand)next time I'll try ETUDE house Miss Tangerine I love the candy effect :)


  9. Lina - not yet, but I've seen reviews of them! The orange one really intrigues me. :D I'll try that and the Face Shop tint you mentioned in my other post soon! <3


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