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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nyx Round Lipstick: Snow White

Wear red lipstick and no one will care what else you're wearing. Even Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) agrees with this.

Wear Nyx's Snow White, and you'll be the fairest in the land.

Price: P180.00
Date Bought: December 2013
Location Bought: neighborhood Christmas bazaar (however, this is also available at online stores like Digital Traincase or at SM department stores that have NYX stalls, like SM North)

Not rocket science: Nyx Round Lipsticks are called that because they're round, as in cylindrical.
The color name at the top of the tube is just a sticker, so take care not to rip it off!
Packaging is Spartan: black plastic tube with printed text in white, color "window" at the bottom for faster identification. If you store your lipsticks in a drawer, it's better to store them with the window right side up for easier visibility. The packaging, combined with the very reasonable price, makes lipsticks from this brand ideal on-the-go kikay kit candidates.

Snow White is semi-matte.
This is what is left of the product after being rubbed vigorously under running water.
The color is an elegant deep red. I think all deep lip colors, like the beautiful Maybelline plum I reviewed last time, are great for lazy makeup and/or clothing days. You could just be wearing a simple shirt and jeans (or yesterday's clothes, like Maisie LOL), but wearing a deep color gives you a touch of class without a lot of effort. Granted, deep colors aren't summer colors at all, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing them even as the country sizzles at present.

How did the old fairytale go again? "Skin white as snow, lips red as blood..."
Although the formula is creamy and intense, I find it rather drying on my lips. Thus, I wear it over lip balm and it ends up being glossy. Either because of the balm or because of my natural lip color, Snow White ends up a little lighter on my lips as compared to the earlier hand swatch. It's still a very workable red though. (Just take care not to wear too much makeup alongside it! Bold colors like this really work best with little else on the face!)

Stay away from jealous evil stepmothers with magic mirrors when wearing this.

This is what Snow White looks like after blotting. It looks nice too, but it's drying.
Would I buy this again? Yes, assuming I ever finish the tube. The color is so strong that a little certainly goes a long way.

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