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Monday, November 15, 2010

Shawill Make-up Blusher 003

This was the other thing I bought with the gloss a few posts back. I took these photos last week, when my face was finally clear enough to use blush. Pimples are back on my face again this week though, which is really annoying! (And here I thought high school would be more than enough time for them to plague me. Apparently not, because they're back with a vengeance! X_X)

Price: P89.00
Location Bought: Watson's SM Hypermart
Approximate Date Bought: September 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Face Shop Face&It Lipstick: OR201

Two weeks ago, I came across Pink Sun Spots' review of a peachy orange (or salmon) lipstick from Etude House. I liked the shade so much that I decided to buy my own, but it was out of stock at my usual Etude store. So I went around in search of a similar color and found this lipstick from The Face Shop.

Approximate Price: P575.00
Location Bought: The Face Shop SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: November 4, 2010

Packaging: It seems they've locally discontinued the TFS lipstick line with the pink petal-like packaging. In place of that are several new lipstick variants with sleek packaging that makes use of translucent and opaque plastic in dark colors, such as this lipstick from the Face&It line. There were two other lines that I cannot remember the names of, although those came in dark red and dark brown, respectively.
I like what they did with their new lipstick tubes.
Despite being only made of plastic, they managed to make
a rather classy looking product. The only drawback, however,
is that the tube tends to gather fingerprints easily.

Color and Pigmentation: OR201 is a semi-matte peachy orange that I think is similar to Pink Sun Spots' lipstick. The swatch below was one swipe, so it is safe to say that this product is quite pigmented.

Formulation: The lipstick is light, creamy and has a very small amount of shine to it (hence the "semi-matte" description). It is also odorless. However, like most lipsticks with matte properties, OR201 has a slight tendency to dry lips and settle into lip lines. Therefore, lip balm is the best solution!

Actual Usage: On me, the lipstick is its most true-to-color shade under artificial lighting. It turns a bit pinker in natural light, but I believe the overall effect is just the same as Etude House's VIP OR205.

Left: Fluorescent lighting
Right: Natural lighting (indoors)

The only thing I don't like about this lipstick is that it's a little more expensive than the Etude House one! But other than that, it's all good. :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elianto Pearl Eyeshadow 17 Copper Brown

This is my fourth and final Elianto eyeshadow. (Why "final"? The explanation for that is at the end of this post.)

Price: P119.00
Location Bought: Elianto SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: October 27, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Elianto Matte Eyeshadow 03 Misty Grey

This is my third Elianto eyeshadow. I don't know WHY I got this gray, I just thought it would be nice to have more cool-toned colors in my eyeshadow stash, considering I mostly have browns, golds and pinks.

Price: P95.00
Location Bought: Elianto SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: October 27, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shawill Crystal Lip Gloss 08

I was having trouble with a lot of real life things around the time I bought this. Along with another thing, this was a "cheer-up-with-cheap-makeup-thrills" buy at the mall I happened to be in at the time (and it wasn't even a mall). Retail therapy appears to be very effective on me, because I felt much better after my purchases!

(The other thing was a blush, which I will review as soon as my skin clears out. Annoying pimple!)

Price: P89.00
Location Bought: Watsons SM Hypermart
Approximate Date Bought: September 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Etude House Petit Darling Eyeshadows

Today I'll be reviewing the rest of the Etude House single eyeshadows I have in my stash: Matte #2, Matte #5, and PK007. (I have previously reviewed Matte #3.)

Price: P148.00 each
Location Bought: Etude House SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: January-May 2010
From left: Matte #5, PK007, Matte #2

Monday, November 1, 2010

Elianto Matte Eyeshadow 02 Early Dawn

Price: P99.00
Location Bought: Elianto Trinoma
Approximate Date Bought: late 2009, probably along with this

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