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Monday, November 8, 2010

Elianto Matte Eyeshadow 03 Misty Grey

This is my third Elianto eyeshadow. I don't know WHY I got this gray, I just thought it would be nice to have more cool-toned colors in my eyeshadow stash, considering I mostly have browns, golds and pinks.

Price: P95.00
Location Bought: Elianto SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: October 27, 2010

Packaging: I keep this in my Elianto palette along with the other three shades I own.

Color and Pigmentation: Misty Grey reminds me of cement. Pigmentation is medium.

Formulation: Misty Grey is a matte like Plum Wine and Early Dawn. The formula feels pretty much like the other shades, but Misty Grey seems to be a bit harder to blend.

Actual Usage: Here it is as a light wash of color on my lids. I think this color would be better as a base applied from the upper lashline to the browbone, and then combined with a darker shade on the lids like a purple (like NARS Melusine!), navy blue, or even black.


  1. it looks like it'll work great as a highlight :D

  2. it does look like cement but i noticed when applied it turns to a matte white. Whoa, and its only 95 pesos!gotta try on other shades. thanks for this! :]



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