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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Etude House Petit Darling Eyeshadows

Today I'll be reviewing the rest of the Etude House single eyeshadows I have in my stash: Matte #2, Matte #5, and PK007. (I have previously reviewed Matte #3.)

Price: P148.00 each
Location Bought: Etude House SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: January-May 2010
From left: Matte #5, PK007, Matte #2
Packaging: These shadows are housed in fairly sturdy plastic. I don't care much for the colors used for the plastic, however. But they do their job, so they're fine by me.
From left: Matte #5, PK007, Matte#2
Colors: Matte #5 is a dusty pale pink. Matte #2 is a brownish beige. PK007 is a shimmery candy pink.
Matte #5
Matte #2

Pigmentation: Medium for all of them. PK007 ends up looking more like a pale pink than a pink with shimmers. I like that, actually. Better than just being a shimmery mess without any color whatsoever.
From left: PK007, Matte #5, Matte#2
Formulation: The shadows are pressed well; there was not much fallout when I applied them, even for the shimmery PK007. Their texture isn't as smooth as Elianto's shadows though, and they're a bit harder to blend.

Actual Usage: Matte #5 has been one of my everyday shades ever since I got it. I don't use PK007 much because I think it makes me look too girly. Sometimes I put a little bit of it over #5 for some depth, though. Matte #2 turns nearly invisible on my skintone. I usually use it as a base shade for Matte #3.
Matte # 5


Matte #2

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