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Monday, November 1, 2010

Elianto Matte Eyeshadow 02 Early Dawn

Price: P99.00
Location Bought: Elianto Trinoma
Approximate Date Bought: late 2009, probably along with this

Packaging: I finally got around to buying an Elianto palette (and some other shadows to fill it up with), so I store this there. At P199.00, the palette is a bit of a letdown because it only uses double-sided tape to secure the eyeshadow pans. I was expecting it to be magnetic like ELF's P129.00 palette. Speaking of which, I cannot find any more local stalls that sell those. Has ELF Philippines phased them out?
I accidentally dropped Plum Wine while transferring it. :(
Plum Wine and the gray above it, Misty Grey,
slightly remind me of the new NARS Melusine duo.
Color: It's an off-white, pale yellow/beige shade that reminds me of full cream milk. I think it's best used as a base layer or as a browbone highlight.
Pigmentation and Formulation: Pigmentation is weak even with primer, as you will see below. The yellowness in the pan disappears when this hits my skin. The shadow has no shimmers, as its name implies. I'm not fussy when it comes to eyeshadows since I only do very simple eye looks, but even I think this product is pretty chalky. (Maybe because it does look like chalk har har)

Chalkiness aside, Early Dawn is as nicely pressed and as smoothly textured as Plum Wine. It doesn't leave any fallout like this quad

Actual Usage: While I'm not impressed with the pigmentation and formulation (and believe me, I am easily impressed), I do like how it draws attention away from my dark undereyes.

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