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Friday, October 29, 2010

Skin Food Candy Moist Rouge: 333

I find Skin Food's local prices very prohibitive, so I don't buy from them very often. I've wanted to try their lipsticks, but have opted not to since they're nearly the same price as other, better brands in the market.

However, I happened to walk in on one of their 50% off sales a couple months ago, so I got this peachy-pink lipstick from their Candy Moist Rouge line. Score!

Price: around P300.00
Location Bought: Skin Food SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: August 2010

Packaging: The silver material used to house the product looks more like plastic than metal, even though it retains temperature just as a metal object might, based on my experience leaving it in an airconditioned room.  The tube is not too light and not too heavy, and doesn't feel flimsy.

I really like the embossed Skin Food logo at the top of the tube.
I've always wondered what it was. Is that a cherub?

Color: 333 is a peachy pink that has quite a bit of orange in it. It looks shimmery in the swatches but actually isn't.

Pigmentation: Medium. The lipstick isn't opaque, but isn't sheer either. You can still see through to my skin in the swatch below, which was one swipe. (The swatch for Color was two swipes.)

Formulation: The lipstick seems like it has shimmers because its formula is actually rather glossy. I guess that's why they call the line "Candy Moist". It has a citrusy-waxy scent to it that I find pretty strange, but it isn't too bad. It doesn't smell expired; I just find the scent weird. While the swatches make the lipstick look like it goes on smoothly, there's something in it that makes it feel slightly grainy. Despite the graininess, the lipstick feels lightweight and moisturizing and minimizes some of my lip lines. Lasting power is around 5 hours for this, provided you do not eat or drink. (It disappears pretty quickly once you do, though.)

Actual Usage: 333 is a very nice everyday color for me. If I don't feel like TBS elderberry or Etude's cherry tints, this is what I use. This color seems to complement a lot of my clothes for some reason.

Another review for this product can be found here, while a review for a similar lipstick in their Honey Glossy line can be found here.

If Skin Food were more reasonably priced in this country, I would totally go for this lipstick from their Fresh Cream line. But alas, it is not. (Come on, who in their right mind would pay P1000+ for a lipstick that sells for WAY BELOW that in Korea and in other countries? If it's going to be that expensive, I would rather spend my money on real high-end brands like MAC or NARS.)


  1. waa! really sis they had a 50% off sale? i always buy from my reasonable korean sellers on ebay and pinoy sellers sa multiply. is the sale went with the Mega Sale? Sana may december sale!

  2. I'm lemming to have this lipstick too! but SKin food is too expensive. I own a couple of stuff from there and I honestly find that the quality is not that worthy. But lucky you, got it on sale! wow =)

  3. There are many online sellers of Skinfood roducts, very close to prices in Korea! I can suggest a trusted seller if you need one ;)

  4. Anonymous - Sure, why not. :D Email me the contact details of your trusted seller at cmug.stockpiled@gmail.com. Thanks for offering!


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