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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Body Shop delipscious sheer lip colour: 05 Elderberry

(Thesis? What thesis? :P)

Elderberry is a lovely plum lipstick from TBS' new delipscious line, which claims to have all-natural, food-grade ingredients. This is currently my main lip product. It is ♥!

Price: around P700.00
Location Bought: The Body Shop Shang
Approximate Date Bought: last month

Packaging: A sleek metal tube with apples (at least I think that's what they are) on the bottom half, and the product name on the top half. Simple and stylish, I like! My only concern is that with a metal tube that conducts heat faster, won't this product melt more easily? Best not to leave this inside one's car or out in the sun, then.
Colors: It looks like a scary mangkukulam purple in the tube, but it's actually a very pretty reddish purple - a plum!

Pigmentation: Buildable. Lasts a good 6 hours without eating or drinking, but if you do eat or drink, be prepared to reapply.
L: one swipe, R: two swipes

Actual Usage: With the product line's description, I was half hoping that this product would taste like elderberries, a fruit which I am very curious about. Unfortunately it didn't taste like anything. It does have a berry-like smell at least, but alongside that berry scent is something milky-sweet, like white chocolate. I don't like the white chocolate smell, so it's good that the scent doesn't last on my lips. The moisture level is pretty good on this one, but I still layer it over lip balm just in case. My lips dry easily. :P
One layer
Two layers
The main reason why I love Elderberry is because it's a dark-ish color that brightens up my face well. Dark lip colors fascinate me!

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  1. Oooh! I've tried several body shop prods but I havent really gone through their lippies.

    It's amazing how that eggplantish color turned glam pink on your lips. or is it just my monitor?


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