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Monday, July 19, 2010

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick: 03 Rosy Blush

Oh look, more free stuff!

Yesterday, my mother came home with a Clinique package. She doesn't use cheek products, so she gave me this. I was getting pretty tired of the default blush in my on-the-go kikay kit; this is a really good replacement!

Since this came in a package along with some other Clinique products, I don't know how much this costs exactly.

Price: ???
Location Bought: ???
Approximate Date Bought: yesterday, July 18, 2010?

Packaging: Like TBS Elderberry, the cream stick has the same sleek, metal aura going for it. Definitely very classy. See how much better it looks compared to ELF's plastic all over color stick:

Fingerprints will be an issue though, since it's in a wide tube made from shiny material. Protecting it from the heat might also be an issue, because of its metal packaging.

Color: Rosy blush is a medium pink with a lot of brown. Then again, maybe calling it a brown with a hint of medium pink would be better.

Compared to the colors of Nichido's multiple sticks, I think Rosy Blush would be the shade in between South Beach and Cinnamon Glaze.

Pigmentation and Formulation: Rosy Blush is a sheer wash of color, which makes its application virtually foolproof. You'd have to be deliberately doing clown spots if you wanted to overdo this blush. It also has just the right amount of creamy-but-not-greasiness to make blending easy.

Actual Usage: It's one of those blushes that show up better in person than in photographs again. I like it because it gives me a nice light flush, and because it has a clownproof formula.

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  1. oooh! nice :D i want! i have an Aquacheeks cream stick and i'm not sure if it's foolproof in application :P


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