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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nichido Multiple Stick in Sunset Glow, South Beach, and Cinnamon Glaze

I first heard about these sticks from the lovely ladies at GIRLTalk. I got curious because it was a local brand, and my only other exposure to multi-purpose eye shadow/blush/lip color make up was e.l.f.'s all-over color sticks. (Mostly I just use mine for blush, and I've never tried them as eye shadow or lipstick.)

At P188.00, these sticks are slightly more expensive than e.l.f.'s, but come in colors more suited to the Filipino skintone. From left we have South Beach, a shimmery peachy pink that many GIRLTalkers have been raving about, Sunset Glow, a light pink with just a touch of peach, and my personal favorite, the toasty Cinnamon Glaze.

Sunset Glow and Cinnamon Glaze are very opaque while unblended, while South Beach is translucent. I like my blush subtle, so I always use a foundation sponge to blend them into my skin until they're barely there. (Take note that this may account for my color preferences in the actual face swatches below.)

Sunset Glow was too pink for my tastes - it was easily noticeable that I was wearing blush, and I didn't want that. Still, the shade didn't look too bad on my skintone, although I think this would be better suited for fairer complexions.

I was disappointed with South Beach, because I assumed it would work as perfectly for me as it had for my fellow GIRLTalkers. It was a nice peachy shade, but the shimmers and the color were nothing new to me. I believe it's a great color for all skintones, though.

Being a fan of the barely-there look, Cinnamon Glaze instantly became my favorite out of the trio because of how close it was to my skin tone. I loved how it gave my face definition without being too conspicuous and how it made me look "toasted-just-right".

All in all, I think these are great products and are worthy alternates to my trusty Pink Lemonade.


  1. ohhh!
    i never knew that they look great
    im gonna give this a go!

  2. I have the one in South Beach pero it's too shimmery nga...I like Cinnamon Glaze and Sunset Glow! :)


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