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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elianto Baked Powder in Nude

Got this during the last week of summer, just remembered to blog about it now.

I got this for around 300 pesos, which I think is pretty reasonable considering how much pricier baked makeup is compared to regular makeup. I like the packaging, very simple and elegant.

The SA said this product could be used for contouring too, but I only wanted something to remove shininess, so I got the shade closest to my skintone. Here it is under brighter lighting:

This blends really well onto my skin - it's barely there - and does a good job of keeping it oil free for about half a day. That duration's fine with me, since I usually duck into a school bathroom at around lunchtime anyway. I use a sponge to apply this to my T-zone, although a brush is the more conventional way to go.

I'm keeping my cheeks free from powder and blush at the moment, as I have unwanted "visitors" on them. DO NOT WANT. >_<


  1. angie lol at the fish..the elianto facepowder looks so cute.unwanted visitors..good term hehe

  2. the last elianto stuff that i bought is their eye primer..

    this stuff looks promising!

  3. This might sound weird a little if U feels you talking to yourself (because of our same name) >.<

    But I wanna ask you, how's this powder...?
    Last long? Non-oily?

  4. Hello there other Angie! :)) This powder lasts around 6 hours on me and yes, it does keep my skin-non oily. Actually, I used it so frequently that it's the very first product I ever hit pan on.

  5. Oh...? Sounds nice!
    You have a review of this prdt some where...? :)
    The other Angie.
    Such a funny name LOl.

  6. ^LOL, I was actually referring to this powder that you commented on, Elianto Baked Powder in Nude. :D


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