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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipstick: 528A Pink Ice

A good friend and I were malling one February weekend when I told her about the amazing pink frosted lipstick my (equally amazing) thesis adviser wore the other day. She then got the idea to look for a pink frosted lipstick at Watsons. We swatched so many tubes of lipstick that day, but we both ended up with Pink Ice from Wet n Wild. The nicest part of this lipstick hunting adventure was that she paid for mine as well, as a belated birthday present. Sweet!

Price: P99.00
Location Bought: Watsons SM Megamall
Approximate Date Bought: February 2011

Packaging: I actually think this has good packaging for a P99.00 lipstick. It's sturdy enough, and it has a good weight in my hand. (I'm very particular about how things have an even weight when I hold them, have you noticed? See my previous posts haha!) What I don't like is that the lipstick peeks out of the tube and doesn't go all the way down, like ELF's lipsticks.

Color and Pigmentation: Pink Ice seems like an icy strawberry pink to me. For some reason, strawberries were the first things I thought of when I swatched this. The lipstick is buildable, starting out as a fine pink sheen and intensifying into a hot pink frost.
Top: one swipe;
Bottom: four swipes
Formulation: Pink Ice is drying, so balm is a must before wearing this. It smells like Panda ballpens (yet again, like ELF's), but the smell is not as overpowering. It also only lasts me two hours. Despite these flaws, the lipstick goes on silky smooth and feels light on my lips.

In Action: The color looks great on me and is just the same as I remember my adviser's lipstick. I never did get around to asking her what it was, but I've got a pretty good dupe!


  1. meron din ako nito but I gave it to my friend since she likes the color so much! it's good to see that it suits you the color but not on me :( plus I don't like the smell too..

  2. It would've been awesome if it isn't drying but you must love the color enough to overlook the cons. Belated happy birthday too! So sweet of your friend to pay for this. :)

  3. Belated happy birthday dear :) This looks nice! Maybe I should check out these 99=Php WNW lippies!:)

    BTW, I'm having a giveaway right now. Check it out if you're interested:D http://bit.ly/iDkwNQ

  4. Mera - Yeah, if they took out the smell it would've been better. :(
    Pammy and Aya - Haha thanks for the birthday greetings! :D

  5. no-no to drying formulas because i have very dry lips. x( anyway i think it looks gorgeous on your lips dear. :) and, you have such pretty lips! i have yet to see a lippie which wouldn't look good on your lips haha.

  6. Sugar - That is so sweet! Thank you! ♥

  7. Haha! Again with the Panda ballpen smell! >.<
    I also thought of strawberries when I saw the thumbnail on my Dashboard. Looks really nice on you. :)


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