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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

e.l.f. Lipstick: Classy

ELF Classy is one of those medium pinks that I am rather obsessed with looking for. I already threw my EB Mauvey out, but this lipstick could be a possible relative of that shade.

Price: P129.00
Location Bought: Watsons Greenhills
Approximate Date Bought: late 2010

Packaging: Classy when closed is classy enough, but not so much once opened.

It's ergonomically designed - you know how I like my lipstick tubes with decent weight so they're easier to hold - but the lipstick doesn't fully screw down. Some of it doesn't go all the way in,

which leads to nasty nicks on the lipstick and smears on the rim of the tube.

Still, this is ELF we're talking about: cheapo-but-quality makeup, so we can't really fault them for this if it means prices will be brought down.

Color and Pigmentation: Classy is a semi-matte, decently pigmented medium pink that works well on my skintone unlike Etude's PK007. No ganguro here, just a nicely matched shade.
Formulation: The lipstick smells like Panda brand ball pens, which reminds me of this super corny joke,

Anong dream ng Panda? (What does a Panda dream about?)
Edi maging pilot! (To be a Pilot, duh!)
>> the Pilot in question being the Pilot ball pen brand. Anyway, I fail. Moving on. :P

Classy is drying and feels thick on my lips. That's okay though, because I never plan to wear it without a layer of protective lip balm anyway, considering the dodgy smell. I don't really mind the Panda ballpen smell; it actually brings back memories of early school, but a lip product that smells like a pen bothers me slightly.

In Action:

If Classy's shade of pink didn't work so nicely on me, I would have added it to my list of fail. This will have to do for now, but the search for a decent medium pink continues!


  1. I always wondered what the ELF lipsticks are like. Since I already have tons of lipstick, I didn't get one. I should probably try this one. and see how that goes for me...hehe

  2. haha. a panda scented lipstick. :D
    i always brag about my ballpen whenever i get the scented ones. you were talking about the scented ones, right? it would be weird if you were talking about the nonscented one. haha!

    anyway, the color is really nice but i'm looking for a peachy lipstick so i'm prolly gonna pass on buying this one. :)

    i agree that ELF is a cheapo-but-quality makeup. i have their cream liner and i super love it. :)

  3. their lipsticks are nice but melts like crazy, i love the finish tho, can you be my sissy so i can hunt the perfect pink with you? haha( bakit ba panay ako english lol)

  4. ^Sis I think I found it na. Covergirl Parisian Pink. I was a bad girl and bought a couple things before I finished reviewing the things on my Upcoming Reviews list. (So much for a so-called makeup buying ban HAHA.) Antayin mo review nun~ XD

  5. will be looking forward for it. ♥


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