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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Handwriting Tag, aka the Writing Meme

Last Feb-March, this meme became popular among many of the bloggers I follow. I saw it first on K's blog, then on Mai and Kat's blog, then on G's, Asami's, and Pao's. By far, the most creative I've seen is hers. Pretty highlighters! ♥ (She used slightly different questions too!)

I'm quite late to the party, but who cares. At least I'm fashionable? Har har~
Click to enlarge!
Anybody who wants to do this, please go ahead! And link me your posts! :D


  1. I enjoyed reading this.. and wow! from being left-handed to right-handed?! =D I didn't know it's possible.. haha!

    I'm going to try this handwriting post soon! =D

  2. ^Glad you enjoyed, aizel! :D I can't wait to see your post!

  3. Great handwriting! Pen fiend FTW. Sent you an award here! :) http://resplendentrainbows.blogspot.com/2011/04/stylish-blogger-award-and-giveaway-wins.html

  4. You have really cute and fun handwriting!


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