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Monday, April 4, 2011

My Routine, v.2

One lovely anonymous commenter suggested that I write an updated version of my old makeup routine, and here it is!

ETA 4/5/11: Thank you for your suggestion, Nicole!

Anyway, on to the good stuff! Reviews for unreviewed products coming soon!

  1. Base: Still good old Hydro Splash. I've been getting A LOT of use out of it, despite having it for a long time now. On the occasional super!barat days, I use Myra-E's tinted moisturizer, which smells terrible but works surprisingly well.
  2. Blemishes: Thesis left me with a couple horrible pimples, whose scars have been very slow to heal. So I cover them up with Revlon's awesome concealer!
  3. Eyes: I am a very lazy eye makeup person. I rarely ever do eye makeup anymore. But if I do, it's usually just a light dusting of whatever shadow I feel like. No eyeliner, and definitely no mascara.
  4. Face: It used to be Etude's BB Magic, but I hit pan (yay!) and switched to Covergirl's Advanced Radiance, which was an accidental find. My mother was on a "quest" to find the perfect replacement for her discontinued Neutrogena powder foundation, and this was one of the failed candidates she gave to me. Much like the makeupalley reviews that say it works for some and fails for others, it cakes on her, but it's great on me!
  5. Cheeks: I'm levelling up in this area! Sometimes it's Mata Hari (which was my birthday present to myself), other times it's P Peach 47 (which my parents brought home for me from HK). Lately though, it's been Etude's Cream Choux #2. Such a cute, instant-cheekbone-creating color! My siopao face is very pleased!
  6. Lips: I ran out of Carmex and I don't want to use my backup tube until I get a backup for that backup (and there you have quirk #12493758931579 haha), so I'm using mandarin orange Lip Ice. Not as good as Carmex, IMO, but it'll do. Then I top the balm off with whatever gloss or lipstick I feel like. At the moment it's in2it's Juicy and herbench's Orange Fizz.


  1. i hope you could do an FOTD using these products!! :D

  2. thanks for keeping us updated. :D i really like the etude house miss peach choux blusher too. ;)

  3. Hey its me again a.k.a the anonymous commenter :) Wow Thank you very much for the quick update. I really want to develop a new makeup routine for school. Its kinda hard for me which brands to choose with so many products out there in the market. Now I know which ones are good! Do you mind if i ask you again some questions? What brands do you recommend for affordable and good quality nude lipsticks? Is that the (2)ColorStay Revlon concealer and how much does it cost here in the Philippines?

    Thanks heaps! You've been a great help! :) - Nicole

  4. ^Hello Nicole! The brands I use are only some of the good ones, and remember that what might work for me, might not work for you. There ARE A LOT of good products out there in the market, you just have to figure out what works for you. :D

    I have this nude lipstick called Honey Glow from bench, it's pretty good and it's only around P200. You can also try stuff from The Body Shop and The Face Shop, I've got nudes from those brands too. I think I made a review for TFS OR203 somewhere in this blog.

  5. Nice Post~ I also have the Etude House Choux blusher but I haven't opened it yet.. haha.

    I cant wait to use it :D


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