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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NARS Mata Hari

NARS Mata Hari was my birthday present to myself a couple months ago. I decided that since I've been playing with makeup long enough, I was finally ready to own something more high-end. I decided on a blush from NARS because:
  1. Blushes last longer and are therefore a good investment
  2. NARS has always been the high-end brand I've admired the most because it strikes the perfect balance between trendy and classic. I also like the thought that NARS puts into naming their products, whether they're trying to be sexy!funny like Orgasm or Deep Throat, or they're being more sexy!serious like Schiap for designer Elsa Schiaparelli and of course, Mata Hari for the seductive Dutch spy. (Yes, Mata Hari was a real person. She wasn't something out of James Bond.)
Anyhow, enough nerdiness. On to the review!

Price: P1250.00
Location Bought: Rustan's Shangri-La
Approximate Date Bought: January 2011

Packaging: The rubberized packaging makes Mata Hari look very sleek and sophisticated and makes it easier to hold, but just like nearly every other person with NARS experience, I don't like it. It's a terrible dirt-and-fingerprint magnet! I can't even wipe it off properly like my other makeup products because if I do, particles from the tissue or cleaning cloth will stick to i. I have to keep it in its box because of that, and high-end or not, I don't like keeping my makeup in their boxes - it's too cumbersome. One of these days, I might rub the entire thing down with alcohol  to remove the rubberized coating.

Sticky rubber aside, I like that the blush's protective plastic sheet fits perfectly within the space for the mirror. That makes it easier to figure out where to put it while applying, which is especially useful for when you're using this product in public restrooms where hygiene isn't so trustworthy.

Color and Pigmentation: Mata Hari is a scary purple-pink in the pan, but turns into a lovely pink flush on my skin, which was why I chose it over crowd favorites Orgasm and Luster. Pigmentation is very strong, as expected of NARS. Being used to weaker pigmented cheek products, I have to take extra care with its application. My usual blush brush easily overdoes this, so I use this brush instead.

Formulation: The blush powder is silky smooth and extremely fine, making it look very natural on the skin. It's also scentless and long lasting. This became my go-to blush for weeks since I first got it, and from morning to late afternoon at school, it never budged!
Look at that, Mata Hari makes my arm look like it's blushing!
That, or perhaps it has a very bad rash. XD
In Action: Mata Hari applied with my Marionnaud brush gives me a really natural, healthy looking pink flush. It's perfect for fooling people into thinking you're alive even after many sleepless nights!

Student-unfriendly price and dirt-prone packaging aside, I absolutely love this blush. Francois Nars has a new convert! (I am SO going to buy more of these when I get a real job.)


  1. I love NARS blushes too! My favorite is Angelika. =) Matahari looks so natural on you.

  2. Omg, this shade is soooo pretty. It looks so nice you babe!

  3. Keep the posts coming! I love reading your blog. :)


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