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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marionnaud Angled Blush Brush

This was the temporary replacement brush I got when my main blush brush died on me.

Approximate Price: P100-200.00
Location Bought: Watsons Hypermart
Approximate Date Bought: late 2010

In Action: Marionnaud's angled blush brush is not scratchy and feels soft on my cheeks. It is just as easy to hold as Etude House's powder brush. The brush is capable of picking up blush powder and blending it into a nice translucent wash on the skin. This works especially well for super pigmented blushes, like those from NARS (my Mata Hari review is coming soon!), or this shade from Careline. It doesn't work as well for less pigmented blushes, because application takes much longer.

My biggest gripe about this brush is that it smells extremely bad when new. To get rid of the smell, I had to wash and soak this several times using several brush cleaning methods, which was quite irritating. It doesn't smell like anything now though, and I'm glad for that.


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been thinking about getting this since I've heard a lot of raves about the Marionnaud brushes :)

  2. It's nice to know that a Marroinaud blush brush like this can go well with NARS prods! :) I'm actually wary of using dense brushes like this and would rather stick to a stippling brush.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. I have this exact same brush from marionnaud as well. I love it. It's perfect for contouring too! And I also would like to say the Marionnaud brushes has never shed a hair on me.. they're super soft yet sturdy.

  4. I have this one too and I love it! <3

  5. been seeing many good reviews on this brush! :D thanks for the review :)

  6. I have this too and loving it!

  7. I have this too but I don't use it for blush. I use it for my mineral foundation! It does a great job at that! hehe. I'm a newbie blogger and your new follower. I hope you can visit my blog too! :)


  8. how soft is it babe? wanna try this, and hey you make me wanna try most of the products you review. hate you lol. looking forward for most posts from you.

  9. hey bought this today and it didnt give me any disappointment! love ya. hahaha


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