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Monday, April 25, 2011

10 Things I Love

Thank you for tagging me, Diary of a Late Bloomer!

In no particular order, here we go!

1. handheld game system- Yes, i am a giant kid.
Game of the moment: PVZ! The DS version is just as good as the
PC original, if not even better - it's portable! Some of my other favorites are:
Cooking Mama, Big Bang Mini, and the Ace Attorney series.
2. netbook

3. nail polish

4. headphones + my ancient ipod

5. notebooks and memo pads - I like having lots of places to jot down things like lists and drafts.
Can you guess who my favorite Sanrio characters are? :P

6. fineliner pens - Just like I mentioned in the handwriting post!

7. gummy worms

8. necklaces
Yes, I like robots.

9. driving - Everyone said I'd get tired of it in a couple months, but I never did. I guess if law school blows up in my face I could become a manang driver LMAO!
Sorry Rebel Alliance, I'm with the Galactic Empire!

10. lip products
The lip products of the moment.
My aunt is awesome for giving me that MAC!


  1. They are so cute note pads and memo pads~ I have just got into nailpolish .. slowly building up my collection :D

  2. Great list sis! Nice to know you enjoyed the tag! :)

  3. hey there, thanks for following.

    Nice a handheld device and a gamer too! Love the color of your Dsi XL!


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